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Thou's latest full-length release simply cements their status as Doom royalty, delivering their dynamic vision across a huge spread of top-tier music.
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This four piece began as an all-female outfit with female vokills just like 13 did them. This is primarily a rather slow and grim doom/death band with cl...
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2017-11-07 : Doom Metal Lexicanum now available for preorder

From the press release:
"Available now to preorder at a special preorder price - release on 1st Dec 2017

Cult Never Dies and Crypt Publications presents a truly epic and encyclopaedic work; the DOOM METAL LEXICANUM by doom fanatic Aleksey Evdokimov. Featuring a massive 300,000 words, our first tome dedicated to doom metal focusses on the traditional side of the genre and explores traditional doom, stoner doom, epic doom, and various related hybrids.

Within these pages you’ll find the stories of both the well-known pioneers of doom and newer acolytes, tracking the growth of the genre all the way to the present day. This book guides the reader through each band's discography, frequently including interviews with the artists involved.

Featuring over 350 bands (plus 400 photos) including Acid King, Alunah, Barabbas, Beastmaker, Candlemass, Cathedral, Cauchemar, Church of Misery Official, Conan, Count Raven, Electric Wizard, Fall Of The Idol, The Gates of Slumber, Internal Void, Isole, The Lamp of Thoth, Lord Vicar, Lucifer, Mirror of Deception, Naevus, The Obsessed Official, Pantheist, Pentagram, Official: Pagan Altar - Alan Jones, Revelation, Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus, Scald, Solstice, Sleep, Solitude Aeturnus, @Trouble, Witchfinder General. Witchsorrow, The Wounded Kings.

Truly massive tome with 300 large format (A4) pages!

Written by Aleksey Evdokimov, with additional input from Mike Liassides (doom-metal.com) and Tana Haugo Kawahara (Eternal Elysium). Editing and some additional text by Dayal Patterson, plus exclusive cover illustration by David Thiérrée.

Also available with an A4 300 gsm art print of the cover art, with signature on reverse by cover artist David Thiérrée."

Preorder now at the Cult Never Dies webstore, with £5 off rrp.

*cover art*
Rotten Copper
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