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If there was ever such a thing as Space Doom-metal, Acrimony were the ones that created it. Their earlier work is largely doom-metal and later work sees ...
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2017-09-16 : Mage pay tribute to fallen brother

From the press release:
"Itís been just over two years since Mageís guitarist and founding member Ben Aucott passed away. Mage continue to remember and celebrate Benís life, this time with their second memorial gig.

The first memorial gig was held in 2015 just a few months after Ben's passing, a year later and Benís guitar stood proudly front of stage at Bloodstock Festival while Mage played an emotionally charged show. Mage prove time and time again that Benís passion for the music scene is never forgotten.

The Ben Aucott Memorial Gig 2017 is the second event organised by Mage to remember and celebrate their friend, guitarist and founding member of the band. It's a chance for family, friends, fans and other bands to get together and honour the memory of a man who loved his music and contributed so much to the underground metal scene for many years, in the only way he'd approve of, by drinking and listening to some seriously loud music.
This year's show will be in aid of Thrombosis UK, the UK's leading blood clot awareness charity.
Ben passed away suddenly on August 9th, 2015 from a blood clot, following surgery. Thrombosis is also a recurring condition which seriously affects others close to the band.
The gig will take place on November 25th at Firebug in Leicester. Entry fee is only £2 and all proceeds are to go to Thrombosis UK.
Main support will come from Northamptonshire band Krysthla and joining them will be good friends Internal Conflict and Blood Oath.

The first memorial gig was a glorious, jam-packed, loud, sweaty, emotional, loving tribute and Mage hopes to not only achieve that atmosphere again but make it even bigger this year."

More information on Facebook and the Mage website.

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