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The inclusion of additional veteran musicians on Ennui's third album lifts it to a new level.
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Lurk is one of those modern Doom death bands that focus on antediluvian crushingness. Their sound is vintage, raw, direct, plain and massive. Think In...
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2015-11-29 : New album from The Fifth Alliance

2015-11-24 : Ixion competition

2015-11-24 : First The Slayerking lyric video released

2015-11-10 : Ceremonia debut album out now

2015-11-06 : Eye Of Solitude release charity single 'Lugubrious Valedictory'

2015-11-05 : Horse Latitudes announce new album for 2016

2015-11-05 : New SUNN O))) album available for preorder

2015-11-01 : The Extinct Dreams/Unsaved split announced

2015-11-01 : Dionisyan announce changes for their second full-length album

2015-10-25 : Ixion new album update - full track now streaming

2015-10-25 : Immensity sign to Hypnotic Dirge/Solitude Prod

2015-10-25 : Moaning Silence debut album released

2015-10-19 : The Slayerking sign to Finisterian Dead End

2015-10-18 : New Phased album announced

2015-10-18 : Zatokrev's frontman announces new album by The Leaving

2015-09-29 : New Worship album announced for November

2015-09-28 : New TONECVLT guitar speaker range announced

2015-09-26 : New Hangman's Chair album due November 6th

2015-09-26 : Debut album from Soijl out now

2015-09-26 : Sorcerer classic demos re-released

2015-09-13 : New SardoniS album released

2015-09-12 : ShEver's new album out now

2015-09-11 : Phased announce imminent new album

2015-09-08 : Release date for Bevar Sea's new LP 'Invoke the Bizarre'

2015-09-08 : Third Windhand album release announced

2015-09-08 : Agonia Records September discount on Bandcamp

2015-09-08 : New Ixion album on the way

2015-09-08 : Desertfest Belgium 2015 tickets now on sale

2015-09-07 : Norilsk official video for 'Nature Morte' now online

2015-09-07 : Tyranny album preview: two tracks now streaming

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