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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Lake of Tears sound has changed drastically over the years. The first albums are Melodic Death/Doom Metal, comparable to mid-period Paradise Lost<...
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2013-07-24 : Profound Lore Recs announce SUBROSA 's 'More Constant Than The Gods

2013-07-23 : Mar de Grises has split up.

2013-07-19 : IRON MAN: new album out in September.

2013-07-19 : Chicago Metal legends TROUBLE Return!

2013-07-15 : Shadow Kingdom Records buy out PsycheDOOMelic.

2013-07-14 : Mourning Dawn new album near completion.

2013-07-14 : "L'Être et la Nausée" by ATARAXIE is out this summer...

2013-07-02 : COFFINS: full album streaming.

2013-07-01 : Dream Death has released a new album!

2013-06-26 : Great interview with Eibon.

2013-06-26 : URNA about to perform a new summoning.

2013-06-24 : Doom-metal.com has its facebook page.

2013-06-24 : STOMACH EARTH news.

2013-06-24 : Pain of Soul news.

2013-06-21 : Dea Marica signed to Weird Truth.

2013-06-20 : Meet a young female-fronted extreme Doom project.

2013-06-13 : COFFINS: listen to one new song from their up-coming album.

2013-06-13 : Church of Void signed to Svart Records

2013-06-12 : Two new releases by Total Rust.

2013-06-12 : AUTHOR & PUNISHER new album.

2013-06-11 : Quick interview with Temple Of Void.

2013-05-30 : Weeping Silence news.

2013-05-23 : Aphonic Threnody signed to Avantgarde Music.

2013-05-21 : Sinister Realm are back!...

2013-05-15 : Enshine "Origin" out now on Rain Without End Records.

2013-05-09 : The Reverend of Despair's quick interview

2013-05-09 : Quercus news.

2013-05-08 : My Silent Wake to release two albums in Summer.

2013-05-07 : Short interview with a new Epic Doom project.

2013-05-06 : New My Silent Wake Ep.

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