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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Very filthy and extreme music in the veins of Il Sangue and Tyranny. The band claims to be "Primitiveexperimentalapocalypticnucleardoom". While th...
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2013-01-04 : Our polls have revealed the two best Doom albums of 2012 .

At the end of the polls doom-metal has launched on our forum to determine the most popular albums for both "Traditional" and "extreme Doom" categories, we're happy to let you know that Pallbearer 'Sorrow and Extinction' and Evoken 'Atra Mors' are the winners.

Pallbearer's first full length, 'Sorrow and Extinction' came after an outstanding demo that had already put their name on the map. Of course, nitpickers could argue that the quality of the songwriting is a bit uneven, with two OK tracks starting the album, the rest being very good to excellent. Nevertheless, Pallbearer made a big impression with that first full-length drenched in misery and already set themselves as the worthy heirs of Warning. Whether they'll be able to escape this prestigious shadow, a sophomore will tell.

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The new Evoken was a highly awaited release for every fan. It seems that more and more people get seduced by their personal overwhelming take on atmospheric Death Doom, walking on the fringe of Funeral. Their being signed on Profound Lore has maybe helped 'Atra Mors' to get to a wider audience. The fact is this new offering is also a bit different. The nightmarish visions have been tamed, and the overall expression is lighter! Who would have expected that? Will Evoken turn Post-Metal? Not yet, but beware, you never know!

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