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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Seattle trio Wounded Giant take a lot of inspiration from the proto-Doom/early Stoner scene, with influences such as Blue Cheer, Hawkwind a...
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2013-09-30 : Estrangement is one unique project led by a precise ambition.

2013-09-26 : The Gates of Slumber have split up.

2013-09-26 : Spanish Helevorn news.

2013-09-22 : Meet In Absenthia from Brazil.

2013-09-22 : Meet Dawning, a new Dark Doom band.

2013-09-19 : Meet Akhuvitr, an atmo Doom Metal band.

2013-09-17 : Grown Below news.

2013-09-15 : Nocebo Records are proud to announce their first release.

2013-09-09 : Swedish sludgerockers PYRAMIDO news.

2013-09-08 : Meet Mortarium, an all female Death Doom act

2013-09-08 : Aeon Aphelion announces new album.

2013-09-08 : SECOND GRAVE - Antithesis 10" EP

2013-09-08 : One-man Doom project ANIARA (ex-Oak) releasing first tape.

2013-09-08 : Acolytes of Moros - Illusions of Progress

2013-08-28 : Ava Inferi has split up.

2013-08-28 : KONGH 2006 demo re-released.

2013-08-28 : Joseph M. LaCaze, drummer for EyeHateGod passed away.

2013-08-27 : Doomsters YIDHRA set to release "HEXED".

2013-08-26 : Licrest is a young blackened Death Doom project...

2013-08-22 : Listen to Stomach Earth new album in its entirety.

2013-08-21 : Ukrainian RAVENTALE announce new album.

2013-08-19 : Meet Mortem Aeternus.

2013-08-17 : Vin de Mia Trix debut album available at the end of August.

2013-08-16 : Judd Madden reveals new album.

2013-08-13 : BLIZARO "Strange Doorways" 2-CD Anthology

2013-08-13 : FUNERALIUM Deceived Idealism 12" Trifold DLP

2013-08-05 : Sektarism fresh news.

2013-08-04 : Mournful Gust news

2013-08-03 : Meet Saarnastuoli, a psyche doomy Stoner Rock band from Finland.

2013-07-31 : Maltese Forsaken working on new album.

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