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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

Random band

A solo project by Aarsland (of Novosibirsk's Black Metallers Devilgroth), Aarsland the band produces unrelentingly evil-sounding and dissonan...
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2012-09-09 : Atlantean Kodex working on sophomore.

From the band about the release of their second full-length:

"At the moment we’re heading for a release in April 2013. The songwriting is finished, the basic tracks are recorded. Hopefully by December we can finish the recordings altogether. Under any circumstances we will not rush things. Even if it takes us longer than April. Our main and only focus is pure quality. Simple as that.

Anyway, now that the songwriting is finished and regarding the songs, we feel that we even might be able to top "The Golden Bough". Of course, it sounds like the standard PR blabla, but if you know us, you know that we don’t give a shit about promotion and stuff like that. We do it for ourselves. Nevertheless we feel it's safe to say that this album definitely will contain three, maybe four songs, which are better than everything we've ever done before. We are so excited about the music we've created in the past few months, it's hard to describe. Don't expect a second "Pilgrim" though. The stuff on "The White Goddess" will be different. But still totally us. You'll be able to tell that after 10 seconds."
No God Only Pain
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