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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Having sprung from the cult bands Medication Time and Squat, this band plays some extremely filthy and thick sludgy Doom with sick and distorted v...
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2012-02-09 : SATURNUS signed with cyclone empire records.

Saturnus made some necessary changes to their lineup in 2009 and started to seriously concentrate on rebuilding the bands inner structure which in turn led to them recording a demo of some new songs which was then sent to various labels. The band were back on the road towards recording and releasing a new album and in bringing the bands sound back to their loyal fans.
In the winter of 2011 the band negotiated a deal with German label Cyclone Empire for their upcoming fourth album.
Says the band: "We are extremely happy and excited about having signed with Cyclone Empire to release our new album. Cyclone Empire were one of the interested labels from back in June who received a demo of some new songs. In time we formed relationship via our management Lugga Music who helped co-ordinate things until we arrived to where we are today.
The deal is for two albums with the first CD to be released in the spring of 2012. The studio has not been decided yet, but we have already contacted and lined up our longtime collaborator Flemming Rasmussen to begin recording in December.
The album title has not been decided yet but we have five finished songs with the working titles namely, 'Litany Of Rain', 'Between Worm And Woeful Star', 'A Father's Providence', 'Wind Torn' and 'Forest Of Insomnia'. These five songs and some other new tracks are currently undergoing their final touches."

Saturnus lineup:

Thomas A.G. - Vocals
Henrik Glass - Drums
Mattias Svensson - Guitar
Rune Stiassny - Guitar, Keys
Brian Pomykala Hansen Bass

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