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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Traditional Doom-metal of the highest order with vocals that could be mistaken for Ozzy himself! Count Raven is renowned for its pure doom sound and is k...
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2012-02-02 : Frailty - "Melpomene" out soon.

The time has come to inform fans and listeners about the second full-length album which is called "Melpomene" in the honour of the ancient Greek goddess of Tragedy. The title has been chosen because of the band's view of the muse of Tragedy as being a symbol for the music that they produce.
The tracks of the album have been created during a long period of time, some of them have been already performed live. Currently the band is working on the recording in the studio. Frailty reveals that during the creation of this album it has turned into a dark contemplation about present, past and future, about reality and fantasy.
The artwork for the new Frailty’s album "Melpomene" was intended to be something different to intentionally break the expectations associated with the cliches of how a decent Doom metal album artwork should look. As the album is bearing the name of the ancient Greek’s Muse of Tragedy, it is only natural that the image of the Muse is the central symbol used in the artwork and it is supported by the elements of Art-Nouveau as well as with other symbols - the tragic mask, the night, the stars, the gravestone. The whole combinaion of these symbols lead the listener into the very heart of the music where melancholy meets the aggression and sorrow meets the storm.The meditations of darkness are going hand in hand with the epic hymns and the horrors of madness.

Album will be relased on Arx Productions
Distribution: Solitude Prod, Firebox, P3lican so far.


An extract of the new album can be heard Here
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