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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Raw and suicidal Death/Doom Metal, lying more on the Doom end of the spectrum. Desolate, guitar-driven songs, wailing clean male vocals, and emotional grunts ma...
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2011-12-27 : New Swallow The Sun

'Emerald Forest and the Blackbird' is the title. The band tells us more about it:

"I found myself listening to an old Finnish lullaby called 'Sininen Uni' over and over again, and suddenly images started pouring into my mind of a dad reading a tale to his dying child, trying to explain where the child is going that night, the tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird," says Juha Raivio, the main songwriter. "Finally this image lead me into a long journey through this night and got me trapped in the limbo between the dusk and the dawn. The place where you face your demons and angels, meet the souls of the ones you loved and lost. Will we walk the night forever, or let the night forgive us and let us say a last goodbye? These are songs from the limbo, notes of sorrow, hate, love, darkness and light. The tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird."

"We are extremely honoured to have Anette Olzon of NIGHTWISH featuring on vocals on CATHEDRAL WALLS. Her recognizable voice gives the song the depth and the angelic character it demands."

"When I got to listen to the rough demo of 'Cathedral Walls' I fell in love with the song immediately and I was so honoured to be asked to sing on this song. The melody and lyrics are truly beautiful." comments Olzon.

The album was recorded during September and October 2011 by the legendary Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Amorphis and Children of Bodom, to name a few) at Drumforest Studios in Viitasaari and Sonic Pump 2 in Helsinki, and by Hannu Honkonen at Noisework Studios in Helsinki.

EMERALD FOREST AND THE BLACKBIRD will be released February 1, 2012 by Spinefarm Records.

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