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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Rapture has always been known for sounding a lot like mid-period Katatonia. People who dislike the band even describe them as a simple clone of
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2011-10-21 : 0 X S T debut album teaser posted online

Finnish doomy dark metal band 0 X S T has posted an online teaser that features samples of 6 tracks which will be included on their debut album "Nil". It features 50 second samples of the tracks which will be included on the album. You can find links to the samples by visiting one of those links:

the 0 X S T myspace
the 0 X S T YouTube channel
the 0 X S T mikseri.net page

The release date of the album is still yet to be announced.
The release date of the album will be announced later.

In other news, 0 X S T will be the support act for PANTHEIST (UK) on their first tour in Finland. The tourdates are:
Wed 26.10. Lepakkomies, Helsinki w/ Tyranny.
Thu 27.10. Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere w/ Ghost Voyage.
Fri 28.10. Rentukka, Jyvskyl w/ Trauma Field.
Sat 29.10. Papillon, Riihimki w/ Tyranny.

0 X S T, as for zero exist, performs metal that is slow, heavy, menacing and stands truthfully for what it is being described to be - dark metal.

0 X S T official Site
Hate Your Guts Records
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