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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Death/Doom with atmospheric elements. Also incorporate black-metal, thrash-metal and even classical elements into their music. Later work is said to have moved ...
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2011-09-08 : MOURNFUL CONGREGATION New Album Details

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION New Album & American Tour Details + Album Streaming As previously announced, Australian funeral doom icons MOURNFUL CONGREGATION have signed with 20 Buck Spin for the North American release of two full-length releases. The first of the pair, a compilation of out-of-print tracks entitled The Unspoken Hymns, acts as a prologue for the band's newly completed, monumental, brand new full-length album, The Book Of Kings.

20 Buck Spin has posted a full album stream of the The Unspoken Hymns compilation ahead of its September 20th release date. Fans can check out the oppressive five tracks HERE

The label also this week confirms the details for MOURNFUL CONGREGATION's brand new full-length The Book Of Kings, now officially confirmed for North American release on November 8th. Undoubtedly serving not only as a pinnacle release for the band, dating back through their nearly 20-year history, it is also a landmark release in the extreme doom subgenre as a whole. The album consumes nearly 80 minutes, and takes the listener on a turbulent journey through both imperial nobility and crestfallen, tarnished hope.

This week the band have released the track listing for The Book Of Kings, as well as the cover art and a music sampler for the album. Check it all out HERE

The Book Of Kings Track Listing: I. The Catechism of Depression (XIX:XIX)
II. The Waterless Streams (XII:XVIII)
III. The Bitter Veils of Solemnity (XII:II)
IV. The Book of Kings (XXXIII:X)
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