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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Named after the Earth track, an all star extreme Doom-metal act/project. Featuring Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey/Hard to Swallow), Greg Ander...
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2011-09-03 : Morgion reunite

From the band:

September 1991 marked the birth of MORGION, thus August 2011 commemorates the resurrection of MORGION! A return to enlightenment and woe... After a few phone calls and e-mails, a group meeting and a few more phone calls afterwards, MORGION has made the decision for a reunion. Why might you ask? Primarily the same gentlemen responsible for the Autopsy reunion are the same culprits responsible for this! After 11 years, Jeremy Peto, Dwayne Boardman (Dustflow, Creepersin), Rhett Davis (Gravehill), and Gary Griffith (Dustflow, Before the Rain, Creepersin)—the line-up for the “Solinari” record—will make their return to the stage at Maryland Deathfest X!
With this exclusive live opportunity on the horizon, we also decided to make available some past material for release!
Dark Descent Records has agreed to release the earliest recordings of MORGION in a CD & 12" vinyl release entitled “God of Death & Disease”. This release will feature the remastering talents of Ryan Butler of Arcane Digital, cover art by Mark Riddick, and all the tracks within the 1991 “Rabid Decay” & “1992 Live Rehearsal” demos and the “Travesty” 7" EP songs. MORGION could not have chosen a better label to trust our earliest material with!
Also, Parasitic Records has agreed to release a double 12" gatefold vinyl collection for the “Solinari” record, which will also feature the “Oceans Without Shores” EP tracks! Packaging, layout and quality will be the best possible, MORGION is very pleased to be working with Tim/Parasitic on this release, which some consider our most valued work!
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