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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Crypt Of Silence follow the "traditional" Death/Doom sound as pioneered by Peaceville, and particularly by Mourning Beloveth. Their music is notab...
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2011-06-05 : Mournful Grace are back.

From the band:

'Bad seeds never die: so here we are. Mournful Grace after some years of darkness, oblivion and hibernation are back. The project leaded by Eugenio Sacco and Luca Lenti takes its origin in the early 2000ís like a natural part of the "new wave of Italian Doom metal"; years of reborn, years of great creativity for Doom metal scene of Rome and Italy. Doomraiser, Midryasi, Southern Drinkstruction, Black Land, Abysmal Grief, Ufomammut, Malasangre, Void of silence and many other bands raised the scene like never before.

Also Mournful Grace had a little part in this movement, bringing a particular kind of doom/death with a dark/funeral mood: a less travelled way for the Italian bands. Mournful Grace also created and promoted (together with other bands, like Doomraiser) the organization of Stoned Hand Of Doom, the first italian Doom Metal festival, that nowadays remain the most relevant Doom festival in Italy and one of the best European Doom Festival which every year hosts bands from many countries and keep a particular place for the Italian Doom acts.

And now Mournful Grace are back in business with a brand new full-length titled Snowbound which is ready to be released. Some weeks ago has been released a fan page on Facebook at the address http://www.facebook.com/MournfulGrace and nowadays is the time for a fully restyled website: http://www.mournfulgrace.altervista.org/'
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