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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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A three-piece from Clermont-Ferrand, Herscher have an unusual drum-bass-keyboard line-up, with which they perform their largely-instrumental Doom-based m...
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2011-03-28 : Black Oath First Full-length on I Hate

From the Label:
'There must be something in the soil that makes bands from Italy alluringly off-kilter. The country has a rich and colorful – if dark can be considered a color – history of occult music: From the obscure experiments of progressive rock band Jacula, to the heavy and doomed metal sounds of acts such as Death SS, Black Hole, Paul Chain Violet Theatre and Zess.
Yes, we can all agree upon that some are more famous than others but all are just as important to the band in question here. Originating from this bottomless cauldron of talent and fascinated by the mysteries of life and death and all the horrors the imagination can conjure up – the occult and the macabre – Black Oath are on a pursuit to bring the secrets of specters to ears eager to listen. The certain degree of anonymity the band demonstrates only appears natural under these circumstances - the unknown horror is always the most intriguing.
So with lyrical themes and an image such as this Black Oath’s music of choice was naturally doom metal, or perhaps it is more accurately described as traditional epic doom metal with a strong penchant for the legendary early albums by Candlemass. These influences – the mournful sounds pioneered by the Swedes and the conspicuously strong Italian musical heritage – are consistently woven together to create doomed music that any fan of the genre cannot hope to ignore. By supporting the band you have signed the Black Oath…

Release date is April 7, 2011.

An album preview + earlier tracks can be found on the band's myspace so check them out.

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