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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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St. Vitus was one of the first and greatest traditional Doom bands ever. And has acted as in inspiration for countless others. Together with giants like ...
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2010-11-26 : Argus sign with Cruz Del Sur

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC announces to have reached an agreement with Pennsylvania’s ARGUS for the release of their new album entitled “Boldly Stride the Doomed”.

The recording of “Boldly Stride The Doomed” will take place at Soundscape Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. The initial tracking sessions are set to begin on Dec. 4-6th and will continue throughout December and January. The one and only master of heavy metal wizardry, Dave Watson, will be at the engineering and production helm once again after his acclaimed job on ARGUS’ self-titled debut album.

The new “Boldly Stride The Doomed” is set to contain approximately 8-9 songs, including track titles such as:“A Curse On The World”, “The Ladder”, “42-7-29″, and “Durendal“.

ARGUS features Butch Balich of PENANCE fame on vocals and will perform on the 16th of April 2011 at the HAMMER OF DOOM V festival, the prestigious doom and epic metal annual appointment in Würzburg,Germany . ARGUS will have the chance to perform together with a cast of incredible bands such as PENTAGRAM, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, ATLANTEAN KODEX, SOLSTICE and many more… an event for the upcoming year to take note of.

“Boldly Stride the Doomed” will be released by CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC simultaneously on CD, vinyl and digital form on the 3rd of May 2011.
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