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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Highly psychedelic and melodic Stoner Doom with Progressive Rock influences. The band includes a saxophone player who gives a jazzy -and a bit kitsch- feel to t...
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2010-09-20 : Theatre Of Tragedy Want You

Quote from the band: "As some of you have heard already Theatre of Tragedy are planning their first and last DVD with lots of live and background footage. This should be some kind of farewell gift to the fans. Now things have happened that make it quite difficult to get through with it. The band thought the financial side was cleared (about 25000 Euros) but it was withdrawn at the last moment. This was quite a shock for everyone and we thought about a solution how to still go on with the DVD. After lots of talks the label will now give 10000 Euros and the band members themselves will also give 10000 Euro for the production of the DVD. This leaves us with a missing 5000 Euros. Our idea now is to give you the possibility to make this DVD possible with your donations. If we don't reach 5000 Euros within a week we will pay all your donations back of course but we sadly have to bury the idea of this DVD then. If you donate 100 Euros or more we will put your name on the DVD cover and send you a signed DVD after the release. Let's give this a try. It's our last chance for a final Theatre of Tragedy release!" You know what you have to do. Or not.
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