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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Newthinking death/doom band who creates a majestic atmosphere through epic guitars and orchestral elements. The music is melancolic, but the melancoly is supres...
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2009-03-29 : Templars of Doom - Third Crusade

The final billing is set for TEMPLARS OF DOOM THE THIRD CRUSADE which will be taking place in Indianapolis, IN on May 7th through the 9th, 2009! The Final billing is: APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE ARGUS (featuring Butch from Penance) BACKWOODS PAYBACK BULLETWOLF COFFINWORM EARTHEN GRAVE (featuring Ron Holzner of Trouble/Debris INC) EARTHRIDE THE GATES OF SLUMBER THE HORDE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER (featuring Joe Hasselvander of Pentagram/Raven) IRON MAN LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR MIDNIGHT NECROPHARMACON ORDER OF THE BLACK HAND ORODRUIN PALE DIVINE REBREATHER REVELATION TUNGUSKA YOU WILL DIE ZEBULON PIKE The festival will be taking place at: The Melody Inn 3826 N Illinois St Indianapolis, IN 46208 1+ (317) 923-4707 Ticket purchase information: Organizer Jason McCash: "An all three day pass for Templars of Doom is now available! I will be selling these through paypal and I will NOT be sending you paper tickets this time. When you purchase the ticket, make sure you email me your name and then print off the transaction page from paypal. I'll have a detail list of everyone's name that bought tickets at the festival. If you were to buy multiple tickets, example you and two other people, I will only need the name of the person that purchased the tickets and I'll make a note that will tell me that this person bought three tickets." Ticket prices are only $35.00 (USD) for all three days and can be purchased at the Templars of Doom MySpace account - see link below. In conjunction with Templars of Doom Festival, on Sunday May 10th there will be an after-fest show at The Murphy Building which will be all ages with: Krallice Christ Behead (featuring members of The Gates of Slumber and Demiricous) Coffine Worm Heavy Lies the Crown NOTE: The $35.00 festival ticket price does NOT include the after-fest show. For updates and festival information, check out the links below:
[ Templars of Doom MySpace | Melody Inn ]
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