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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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The Moon Mistress could be described as a russian Electric Wizard. Everything is said. Fuzzy, heavy, groovy, blurred Stoner Doom. Better keep an e...
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2008-11-06 : Funeralium guitarist Berserk parts with the band

Berserk announced today that: "With lots of regrets, i have to anounce my decision to leave the band Funeralium. It often happened to me in the past to answer questions in interviews such as "Isn't it too much difficult to have so much bands at the same time ?". The answer is yes, it is difficult, ans some extra-musical evolutions of your own life can make it become even more difficult, to the point you don't get enough energy and time necessary for making your bands work well. So, it happened that that moment i feared has finally become, that between my professional life, my personnal life and my bands (Ataraxie, Funeralium, Wormfood), being too 'spread' within all these projects made me unefficient and not enough implied in my bands. So, I had to make a choice. Because of the distance (rehearsals in Paris), and what in implies in terms of implication, time, i prefer to leave Funeralium before the problems will slow down the band, in a period it needs full implication of it's members for composing and recording a second album. So i remain in very good terms with my ex-band members, and i remain immensly proud of what i've done through the years in Funeralium as a co-founding member, and also as an improvised producer/recording ingenieer on the 'Ultra Sick doom' demo or the 'Funeralium' album (i wanna thank Eric Martins Guerra for the drums and vocals takes on this album, aswell as the incredible Axel Wurnstorm for having spent so much time mixing it) I wish the best for the future times to Marquis, Toxine, Asmael Lebouc, AD K'shon, to the guy that will replace me, and to Ys... which groove has brought such a special touch to our sound in the past..."
Forever Autumn
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