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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Classic Doom Death in the russian way: shifting between melancholy and anger, the music crawls, topping by deep growls. Some similarities with Mourning Belov...
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2008-10-15 : Life's Decay releases acoustic album.

Information straight from the band: "Life's Decay fifth album has just been released, it is entitled 'Eklaasera' and it has the particularity to be full acoustic. You can listen to some mp3 from this release at www.lifesdecay.com or at www.myspace.com/abstraktsens. You can also order the album at www.abstraktsens.com. Here is a photo of the album : 'Eklaasera' is Life's Decay fifth album. It has the particularity of being made of acoustic recordings only. This is a real evolution in the music of the duo. Around ten classical and acoustic instruments were used to make this album such as a piano, cello, violin, guitar, trumpet, accordion, bass, chime and various percussions and experimental sounds. A lot of work has been made on the percussion and on the sound researchs in order to create particular and unique rythms whether from a music box mecanism or from some large drums, from glass ringings to some breath recordings. The feminine voice still entirely in french language which remains a major asset to Life's Decay. The voice walks among the instruments, sometimes whispered, sometimes energetic but always anchored to the project's universe. 'Eklaasera' can not be described with a single musical style, it is a travel through various influences, experimental classical music sometimes filled with some country folk or even post-apocalyptic jazz. The general atmosphere is dark, industrial and especially Retro & Luxury. The mixing and mastering of this fifth album is also gaining in quality compared to previous albums. 'Eklaasera' in addition to its Retro Luxury packaging comes with a 16-pages booklet containing all the latest artworks and all the latest photographs of the project, including also all the album lyrics and information."
Forever Autumn
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