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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Harsh sounding Doom. A bit in the vein of bands like Khanate and Grief. Painful music for those into a good dose of Sludge/Doom. Trembling guitar ...
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2008-07-08 : Shroud of Bereavement News

Shroud of Bereavement has finally seen the new music come to fruition, and have a good 25 minutes of finished pre-production demos ready, and have begun work on recording the first track to the new album. Shroud of Bereavement has also been working on the shell of another 3 or 4 songs that should fill out to a full album's worth of music, again, going slow, but much growth within the compositions. The music seems to have more angst and more emotion overall with heavier guitars. They are looking to finish in the studio by the fall of 2008 and have the album soon thereafter. Also, SoB finally has a new drummer and second guitarist that are committed and ready to go for long run. The new drummer Aaron Chase, from Maine, is expected to be in the studio on the next song and playing live in all his fury. The band truly looks forward to playing live again. The new guitarist Ari Goldberger, a graduate of Berkely and ex member of such bands as Requia, Recently Vacated Graves, and Summoning Hate has been amazing thus far, showing the most promise that the band has seen at this position. His ability to learn is quite impressive to say the least. The new album 'A Beautiful Winter' is on the way. A new website and updated MySpace page are also in the works.
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