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Both perfect and perfectly bleak, Hangman's Chair unflinchingly face up to the dark side of human existence.
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Fallen is the side-project of Anders Eek, the drummer and main songwriter for Funeral. Much like Funeral's earliest works, A Trag...
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2017-09-16 : Woe Unto Me announce new album release - updated

2017-09-16 : Mage pay tribute to fallen brother

2017-09-15 : Hela announce new full-length

2017-09-15 : Solitude release schedule for autumn 2017 announced

2017-09-15 : Mesmur's sophomore album out today on Solitude

2017-09-12 : Vacant Eyes premiere a new song demo

2017-09-06 : Void of Silence are looking for a new vocalist

2017-09-06 : Terzij de Horde & Ggu:ll - concert & art exhibition

2017-08-31 : Vendel self-titled EP released

2017-08-05 : New WERL album announced

2017-08-05 : New Fractured Spine releases now streaming

2017-07-25 : Kathy Reeves Production - Freelance multimedia artist

2017-07-14 : De Heks release Unholy cover

2017-07-10 : Solitude Productions' 12th birthday...

2017-07-02 : New reviews for 'A Lake Of Ghosts'

2017-06-18 : New album from Evadne now on preorder, due June 26th

2017-06-16 : Paradise Lost 'One Second' 20-year-reissue announced

2017-06-16 : The Morningside's 2007 debut released on vinyl

2017-06-10 : Exclusive premiere of Il Vuoto's new single

2017-05-23 : Red Moon Architect new official video

2017-05-20 : Latest Eternal Elysium album released on vinyl

2017-05-20 : New Slow release

2017-05-03 : Apneica announce debut full-length album

2017-05-02 : Dionisyan sign with Sliptrick Records

2017-04-28 : Who Dies In Siberian Slush's debut rerecorded for vinyl release

2017-04-26 : New album from Evoke Thy Lords out now

2017-04-26 : Black Tremor/Sea Witch split album out now

2017-04-26 : New Vin de Mia Trix album on preorder for release on 31/05

2017-04-26 : Paradise Lost in the studio now: new album details announced

2017-03-19 : New US Stoner/Doom 'micro label' Metal Hero Records launched

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