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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Classic revisited

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Heavy, dark and sinister doom/death band. The sound is quite original for it's time and is reccommended for fans of My Shameful....
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2016-04-23 : Introducing new Belarusian label Riff Dealers

2016-04-23 : New Subterranean Disposition album announced, preview track now streaming

2016-04-16 : Demons From The Dungeon Dimension debut release forthcoming.

2016-04-16 : Official video from Nagaarum now streaming

2016-04-15 : Excruciation's [c]rust now officially released.

2016-04-05 : New concert video from A Sickness Unto Death

2016-04-01 : New Mourning Beloveth video

2016-03-30 : Aural Hex debut release

2016-03-29 : New Nagaarum album due in April

2016-03-29 : New US indie label launched - Hate Your Guts Records

2016-03-27 : News from Even Vast

2016-03-27 : New Stangala album out now

2016-03-21 : Immensity's debut album released through Solitude/Hypnotic Dirge.

2016-03-20 : Horizon Of The Mute debut mini-album now available.

2016-02-25 : 0 X S T final press release.

2016-02-22 : New When Nothing Remains album out now

2016-02-19 : Endless Winter website redesign

2016-02-15 : Competition closed: win a Forever Autumn CD/T-shirt

2016-02-08 : New Camel Of Doom album out today

2016-02-07 : Ataraxie/Ophis/Majestic Downfall - Worship/Majestic Downfall European tours

2016-02-05 : Solitude Productions announce a new European office and webstore

2016-01-25 : The Voidloss debut CD now available for preorder

2016-01-18 : New Novembre album, after an 8-year hiatus

2016-01-07 : Christmas & New Year Sale at Solitude Prod - last day

2015-12-31 : Dionisyan announce new line-up

2015-12-14 : Exclusive English streaming of The Lumberjack Feedback's forthcoming debut

2015-12-11 : Debut album from Spanish Death/Doom band Womb out now

2015-12-11 : The Slayerking debut album announced

2015-12-11 : Phased live promotion/collaboration announced

2015-12-11 : The Leaving announce show dates

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