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Stijn van Cauter returns with a perfect package of cosmically-influenced Ambient Funeral Doom.
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Cethegus (while being a Roman family name) sounds like some sort of vile plague both in name and in music. The dysrhythmic and slightly industrial noise ...
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2019-10-17 : 'Doom Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute to Cathedral'

2019-06-20 : New Advent Varic track released

2019-06-07 : Exclusive video premiere from Polynove Pole

2019-04-29 : New anthology of doom interviews by Cathal Rodgers

2018-12-05 : New HellLight album available now

2018-12-03 : New Norilsk music video premiere

2018-12-03 : New album from A Sickness Unto Death

2018-08-29 : Somnent's 'Sojourn' reissued

2018-08-13 : Evoken re-release announced by I Hate

2018-07-22 : Aesthetic Death August release schedule

2018-06-23 : ESTRANGEMENT debut album news...

2018-06-21 : Mistress Of The Dead box set preorders now available

2018-04-29 : New Godes Yrre lyric video (Updated 29/04)

2018-04-19 : For all your guitar strap and leather accessories, let us introduce Heavy Leather NYC

2018-04-10 : New Soliloquium album announced - first track now streaming

2018-03-20 : Doom-metal site webhosting

2018-03-11 : New Dionisyan videos available

2018-02-16 : New Marche Funèbre video exclusive

2018-02-12 : News and teaser video from ESTRANGEMENT

2018-02-10 : Apologies for the recent outage

2018-01-22 : Esoteric announce remastered demo reissue - win one here - Updated.

2017-12-20 : New Zaraza video streaming

2017-12-18 : Exclusive stream of Monads debut album 'IVIIV'

2017-12-10 : Doom:VS T-shirts on preorder

2017-11-13 : Skandal on tour in the UK

2017-11-13 : New Luna album out now

2017-11-08 : Debut album from Soyuz Bear now streaming

2017-11-08 : New Sektarism live video now streaming

2017-11-07 : Doom Metal Lexicanum now available for preorder

2017-11-05 : Limited edition Murkrat 'UN Rats' T-shirts available for preorder

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