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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Not all the same kind of music that the earliest proto doomsters played, but still not that far from them either. Musically they are clearly NWoBHM influenced a...
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2021-07-13 : Hour Of 13 exclusive new stream of 'Return From The Grave'

2021-07-07 : Flame, Dear Flame release new preview track

2020-11-16 : Mar De Grises announce vinyl remastered reissues, with worldwide distribution

2020-10-14 : Intaglio to release a reimagined version of their 2005 debut album

2020-10-01 : Exclusive: official video premiere from Ixion

2020-09-14 : Vacant Eyes debut album out now

2020-09-14 : Ixion album now on preorder, first single released

2020-09-03 : Exclusive: official video premiere from Marche Funèbre

2020-08-02 : Pariah Child talk to Tony Tears

2020-08-02 : New remastered compilation from The River

2020-07-17 : New Dun Ringill album and lyric video

2020-06-20 : New Ixion album announced for October 2020

2020-05-29 : New Godes Yrre album out now

2020-05-28 : New Astral Sleep album out now on vinyl

2020-05-28 : Lacrima Mortis debut album released

2020-05-24 : Ea's debut 'Ea Taesse' reissue on vinyl

2020-05-06 : Introducing Self Hypnosis

2020-04-21 : Doom-metal.com on Wikipedia

2020-04-21 : Esoteric and more...news from Aesthetic Death Records

2020-02-09 : Re-recorded diSEMBOWELMENT track available for download here

2019-11-26 : Exclusive preview of the new Dead Woman's Ditch album

2019-10-17 : 'Doom Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute to Cathedral'

2019-06-20 : New Advent Varic track released

2019-06-07 : Exclusive video premiere from Polynove Pole

2019-04-29 : New anthology of doom interviews by Cathal Rodgers

2018-12-05 : New HellLight album available now

2018-12-03 : New Norilsk music video premiere

2018-12-03 : New album from A Sickness Unto Death

2018-08-29 : Somnent's 'Sojourn' reissued

2018-08-13 : Evoken re-release announced by I Hate

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