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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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A collaboration project between dutchman Ben de Graaff and the finnishman Markus Heinonen. The music consists of cold funeral doom for the utterly depressed and...
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2016-04-16 : Interview with Demons From The Dungeon Dimension
Quick introductory interview.
2016-04-16 : Interview with Soothsayer
Quick introductory interview.
2016-04-09 : Interview with Taak
"Taak...have returned with brand new album 'Supersargasso', and that's the reason why we got in contact with Mart to do this interview."
2016-04-09 : Interview with Pesta
"Pesta bring down the blessing of fresh but Traditional doom. Iím happy to introduce you to Daniel Rocha, whoís online today on behalf of the band."
2016-04-07 : Interview with Funeral Marmoori
"...from this fantastic interview with Fabio you'll learn what "marmoori" means, who Deer Woman is, why she has four tits and also the secret of how to drink much and avoid the hangover."
2016-04-07 : Interview with The Temple
"The Temple is built on a foundation of sorrow, bitter experience and traditional mournful riffs...I needed more information about it, and this interview with Father Alex is the result of my interest."
2016-04-07 : Interview with El Hijo de la Aurora
Having discovered the band through their latest full-length, 'The Enigma Of Evil', Nick set out to learn some more about the Peruvian Doom scene from El Hijo de la Aurora founder JC.
2016-03-27 : Interview with Erethe
Quick introductory interview.
2016-03-23 : Interview with Soul of Enoch
"Soul of Enoch is one of the best representatives of the so-called Italian Dark Sound Scene...to find out more about Soul of Enoch at first-hand, I asked a few questions directly of [vocalist] David Krieg."
2016-03-23 : Interview with Son Of A Witch
"Though Son of a Witch arenít newbies - it took almost seven years to record their first full-length "Thrones in the Sky"...What did they do all this time?"
2016-03-22 : Interview with Godwatt
"This power-trio still has enough power and energy for bringing on massive fuzz-laden riffs filled with dark emotions presented by Italian lyrics...I offer you this interview with the band's drummer, Andrea Vozza aka Junkie".
2016-03-22 : Interview with Misty Grey
"...the fact is that Misty Grey objectively rocks, and the majority of their songs are unexpectedly catchy. Well, I think that it's time to know more about Misty Grey..."
2016-03-20 : Interview with Horizon Of The Mute
Quick introductory interview.
2016-03-18 : Interview with Awake The Sun
Quick introductory interview.
2016-02-28 : Interview with Absent/Minded
Germany's Absent/Minded launched their third full-length in Dec 2015, and our reviewer Nick liked it so much he set out to get some more details on what makes the band tick.

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