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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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All-female band from Seattle, Grey formed from ex-members of a band named Baba Yaga in 2004. They play a slow, heavy, bassy Death/Doom with growle...
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Spanish Death/Doom band Womb have always remained quite anonymous, and little news of any kind has emerged in the two years since release of their sophomore album. Comrade Aleks seeks to rectify that here...

Interview with Womb (Spain).
"Despite having two proper Death/Doom albums - released in 2015 and 2017 respectively - this Spanish band remains quite obscure. And it's not just that they use pseudonyms to shield the personalities of Womb's members, it's a lack of information in general. Some gigs, some merch – that's all I've found on the band's pages, but Sergio (guitars) is here to shed some more light on the band's past, current status and prospects."

Alastor (Sergio): Womb guitarist.

Womb was formed in 2014, what was your initial motivation to play this kind of music? Did you see Womb as a Doom Death band, or was it about so-called Atmospheric Death/Doom from the start?

Our initial motivation is the same that we've right now. The deep belief that everything is futile and should be returned to the abyss. Our motivation is to spread this message for the ones who listen to it.

Why Womb? What's the concept behind this title?

Womb is the place where we take existence, and became part of this world. We thought that it is the most tragical event, and it is like an altar to put all the things that life lend us.

You recorded 'Deception Through Your Lies' in around 2015. Originally self-released, the album later appeared on CD due to collaboration betwen Solitude Productions and Hypnotic Dirge. How much time did it take to find those labels? And how soon were the CDs out?

Well, if I remember correctly, it took us about six months to find labels interested in our project and when we saw the opportunity to contact Solitude for the launch of Deception ... it was something that we all loved and in a month the copies arrived of the CDs.

The whole band: Phalcor (bass), Alastor, Njordh (drums) and Emilio (vocals).

The material has a very powerful and deep sound, one moment it's crushing and the next it's atmospheric. How did you achieve this sound in a studio? Under what conditions did you record it?

Well, Deception Through Your Lies was a relatively easy work. The whole band had very clear idea what kind of sound we were looking for. We started recording at Coldhill's house, where he had a small home studio with some digital plugins and a specific microphone and after two weeks and two days mixing and mastering, everything was done.

In the other hand, we have Devotion To The Sea. This work was a really complicated process. We recorded some instruments for several times in the rehearsal room with a laptop, a little audio interface, different types of microphones and different ways, pedals, heads and cabinets and we were not happy with the sound at all in every try, So finally we choose record the drums in the rehearsal room and support it with triggers, we took the pedals and went to Coldhill's house because we had optimal control there. We spend a lot of time trying sounds and again the same problem, so we tried the same strategy we did with the drum: Mix the digital sound recordings with the purely analog device tracks, and it works. After that, and with the mixing on the table, the mastering practically did itself.

Doom metal is usually considered as "practices in misery" (well, there are also other subgenres, but usually it's about that). Would you agree with that? What kind of ideas did you want to express through 'Deception Through Your Lies'?

As you say, the doom metal from the point of view of Womb in these works has been misery, desolation, sadness and anger to mention some of these feelings that you have described. I agree that this genre stays that way (initially) there are other subgenres too but in the end everyone comes to say the same... We wanted to express the sadness, desolation and futility of existence through the lyrics…

The album is just 34 minutes long; why did you decide to keep it that short?

We prefer a short album - with all the concentrated feelings in which each note makes you experience the sensations that distill each song - to an album of an hour and a half, or two, that is repetition after repetition of the same riff and that monotonous atmosphere with nothing to offer (but of course for tastes are the colors).

Womb - 'Deception ThroughYour Lies' (2015):

Two years later you returned with the album 'Devotion To The Sea', even deeper and more massive than the debut. Was this album more difficult to create due to its complex form?

It has indeed been the most complex album to compose to date as it changed to something deeper and more elaborate, but it was still a natural and organic composition ... Ideas were taken to the rehearsal room or we worked there, letting ourselves be carried away by melancholy, sad and unpleasant experiences of the past that ultimately are the wounds that almost never (or never) end up closing and are a source of inspiration for this.

Do I understand right that 'Devotion To The Sea' was only released physically on tape, through Garotte Vil Records?

Not only was it recorded on cassettes through Garrote Vil Records, it is also available in digipack CD version through Chaos Records.

How often do you get out playing abroad? Is the domestic Doom Death scene big enough to allow you play local tours from time to time?

Two years ago we did not go on stage, there were changes in training within Womb and this prevented our departure to play. We have not yet had the opportunity to go abroad.

In Spain there is an acceptable metal scene, there are quite a lot of concerts but the vast majority concentrated in the big cities removing the mainstream scene there are good bands with which to share the stage with which we have done among them Lostregos, Balmog and Pylar with which we have played in 2017.

Anyway, we prefer to give few well-executed concerts than a thousand as if we were the orchestra of the town ... it is not in our philosophy to be the band every night in the same place ...

Womb - 'Devotion To The Sea' (2017):

What are your plans concerning Womb's new album? Will it be something innovative for the band or more of a logical next step?

Womb's next album will take time to see the light since several members do not reside in the same city and that is going to make things a bit difficult, but it will go ahead with this, the next album will be a darker and bloodier turn. .. the sadness is over and the anger appears.

Womb is a band with high potential, proved with two great full-length albums. Do you want to put more effort into supporting the next release and moving it on to higher level?

Thanks for the consideration of defining ourselves as a good band, every time we compose an album we give 100% of our abilities, going to a "higher level" does not depend entirely on us. It is something external on the one hand and there we do not have much to say ... we will continue to release albums and whoever is interested and proposes a good plan will be happy to receive them.

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Interviewed on 2020-01-06 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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