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The long time solo project, running since 1988, of guitarist Antonio Polidori under the alias 'Tony Tears'. In 2014, he added drummer/bassist Regan Gr...
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"The band has created a majestic and, in some senses, avant-garde work with deep and nontrivial concepts appealing to ancient Roman/Greek mythology...I would have like to have had a longer interview, but it turned out to be briefer than Manuel Vicari (vocals, guitars) and I originally planned."

Interview with Plateau Sigma.
"Here is the one of most original modern bands from Italy – Plateau Sigma. Metal Archives says that the band was formed in Ventimiglia, Liguria, they play Funeral/Death/Doom metal, and have lyrics on such themes as “death, rituals, ancient mythology” and so on. To understand if it’s all true, you should start with their 48-minute EP 'White Wings of Nightmares' (2012), then listen to debut full-length 'The True Shape of Eskatos', and after that you must (yes, must) check out 'Rituals', the newest, the best and the most epic work of Plateau Sigma. The band has created a majestic and, in some senses, avant-garde work with deep and nontrivial concepts appealing to ancient Roman/Greek mythology in its most poetic forms. These six tracks describe the soul’s pilgrimage to incarnations of ancient primal Deities, in search of answers and peace. This journey is dramatic, dark and tragic, and the music which describes it is akin to that too. I would have like to have had a longer interview, but, due to circumstances, it turned out to be briefer than Manuel Vicari (vocals, guitars) and I originally planned."

Today's interviewee, Manuel Vicari.

Hello Manuel! I hate to ask such things, but can we start with the question of Plateau Sigma's origin? From where did you begin?

Hey man no worries! It s a pleasure to answer! The project started in 2010, at that time I stopped singing in a darkwave band, and that project split, I was very willing to come back to my origin, the British doom metal of the nineties, and I just picked up my guitar and everything came straight from the heart to my fingers! I showed this stuff to Nino, and he was interested to join me for a demo and a possible line up, Francesco came afterwards and gave form to what I call, our guitar shape, we were in a concrete synergy for feelings, mood, and the guitar sound which is very important for us. Then Maurizio was the last man to join us to take care of the bass guitar, Plateau Sigma finally came out.

What was the main idea you wanted to fulfill through Plateau Sigma? What did you want to create and achieve with this band?

To unify and melt sensual and rarefied atmospheres, in an epic and violently slow, brutal sound, something between the great names of the dark new wave movement (Dead Can Dance, Fields of the Nephilim, The Cure) blended with the glorious “triade” of the British doom metal, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride.

Plateau Sigma: Maurizio Avena (Bass), Nino Zuppardo (Drums, Vocals), Manuel Vicari (Guitars, Vocals) and Francesco Genduso (Guitars, Vocals).

Your first record was the EP 'White Wings of Nightmares' in 2012, and it was 48 minutes long - too long for an EP, it's true to say. How did you compose it?

More or less, I always considered White Wings as a demo-tape, of course is quite long, but I think it followed the true spirit of a doomy album but with many others influence, it has been driven by the instinct and the true will of making something that could make us recognizable to everyone, a little manifest of what we were able to do at that moment, now we are acquainted about many mistakes and dead moments that album has, because we were rookies at the time, we had just the determination of writing something personal…inexperience, but the ideas were quite good, and now with humility I can say we are improved very much.

Plateau Sigma – 'Palladion':

Metal Archives describes your lyrical themes as “Death, Rituals, Ancient mythology, Religion, Nostalgia, Love, Eroticism, Science”. Do you agree with that?

Absolutely! Lyrics are so important for us, they are poetries, at least, they are born as poetries, then after a refined process of rewriting, they become the lyrics of Plateau Sigma.

Your debut full-length 'The True Shape of Eskatos' was released in September 2014 by Beyond... Productions. What influenced you during the work over this album? What kind of musical ideas were general for you in that period?

As I told you, we always try to mix atmospheres and power…it s my favorite chimera…it s something that really stimulates me to write music, imagine something sensual like some Pink Floyd stuff, melt together with the epicness and the violence of great bands such Ahab, Evoken, My Dying Bride or Mournful Congregation, or the smooth atmospheres of the new wave bands…that’s what I humbly imagined at that time…of course, very, very humbly, I mention these musical colossuses! But that was the way and the inspiration for us.

What inspired you to include the song 'Stalingrad' on the album? How is it connected with other compositions?

I've been fond of ancient history and history since I was fourteen, there had been many monstrous sieges in history, if you remember the siege of Alesia or Carthage…but nothing like the siege of Stalingrad proved and tested the capacity of mankind of being so brutal and so human in the same time.

And what is 'The River 1917' about?

The resistance of the Italian soldiers during the first world war, near the Piave river.

Your new album 'Rituals' is shorter than the two previous albums, how did you manage to curb your artistic energy to get in this time limit?

We tried to be more direct and more “in your face”…in the future we ll try to move in that direction and we know it s not an easy task for a doom death band, we have to work hard to write something of quality every time, improving and believing and being humble, aware of our skills and our limits.

How do you see the band's development from 'The True Shape of Eskatos' to 'Rituals'?

Quite good, as you said, the songs are more shorter and direct, there was much attention paid in the composition process, and in the sound engineering, Francesco did a giant work, and we paid more attention to the melody and in the “effects” used.

Who is the main song writer in the band? The 'Rituals' album consists of different elements, and I wonder how you managed to record it all together?

I am the main writer, but everyone gives his strong participation in every song, that’s why you can hear, many influences, sounds, and styles…but we have to improve!

Plateau Sigma – 'The Bridge and The Abyss':

This album deals with ancient Roman/Greek cultures, their pantheons and rituals. How did you write these lyrics? What is it you want to transfer to your listeners?

The beauty of the Mediterranean past and culture, I am Italian, it's difficult for me to separate those ancient feelings and ancestors from what we are now, I can feel not just the blood legacy, but something in the old Roman or Greek language, in the rituals, in the way they acted in life, something so bound to us now, in the landscapes, in the food, in the sea, even in the urban structure of the city, or maybe, I am just a dreamer ahahahahhahaaaaa anyway, it's a part of our culture, and I am so proud of that.

Why did you choose Athena to be the album's artwork?

Minerva or Athena is the goddess related to Palladion which we considered the main and the more complete song…besides she is my the goddess of war and of wiseness, but he acted as a "passionate" divinity sometimes, she has a very complex and complete at the same time character, maybe my favorite of the Greek/Roman pantheon. Thank you for your interesting interview and questions!

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Interviewed on 2016-08-11 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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