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"...after 34 years, there're five full lengths in the band's discography, and only one last member of the original lineup...So, do you want to know more about this dark horse?"

Interview with Lyijykomppania.
"Lyijykomppania is a dinosaur of the Finnish Doom/Heavy Metal scene; someone told me that it's "Proto-Doom", but I just like their sound and that's enough for me. Originally known under the English name "Lead Company", the band was born in 1981, and its first and probably most stable lineup was Esa Moilanen (drums), Olli Jaatinen (bass) and Timo Rautianinen (guitars, vocals). This lineup worked as a power trio until 1992, when the first changes that suddenly led Lyijykomppania to debut album 'Uimakoulu' started. This work has shown the band's features – catchy heavy riffs with a clean cold sound, song lyrics written in Finnish, and clean sonorous vocals. Lyijykomppania still exists after all these 34 years, there're five full lengths in the band's discography, and only one last member of the original lineup – Esa. So, do you want to know more about this dark horse?"

The 2015 (and also '96-'98 and '03-'05) line-up: Esa Moilanen (Drums), Jarkko Strandman (Vocals, Guitar) and Petri Lindström (Bass).

Terve Esa! How are you? What's the band status now? There's been nothing new since you released the 'Sota nälkä rutto kuolema' album in 2010.

Fine, thanx. Band status: active. Sota nälkä rutto kuolema (SNRK) tour in 2010 had to be stopped after three gigs due to financial problems.

30th anniversary tour in 2011 included only two gigs, partly because of my health problems. Soon after both Rossi and Virtanen left the band.

During the Summer 2015 we played three gigs with a new lineup. It was very nice to play to our fans again.

Previous line-up: Petteri Virtanen (Bass, Vocals) and Joni Rossi (Guitars) with Moilanen.

Who are the new members of Lyijykomppania and where have you found them?

Right now Strandman (voc, gtr), Lindström (bs) and Moilanen (perc) - in fact the same line up as twice before. Obviously our guitar player-vocalist will be changed next January (audition on Jan 16th). Such is life. It´s very hard to find the right persons for Lyijykomppania - and to keep with the band.

The band has existed since 1981, and that's a damned good result. How did you keep Lyijykomppania alive despite all the obstacles? I see that there were a few breaks when the band was inactive; what are reasons for those hiatuses?

Keeping Lyijykomppania together is a hell of a job, I admit. May be I'm that kind of person I don't give up easily.

There are several reasons for the breaks: studies, getting married & having family, a career in "civil world" etc. And of course: some people think I'm a very tough and demanding person. All right: show me another way to keep this kind of heavy metal band going on for 34 years - and I'll show you the door!

Lyijykomppania – 'Linnut':

Lyijykomppania's lineup has changed time after time, but the band always works as a trio. Do you feel more comfortable working as a trio?

Bloody hell it is NOT comfortable to play heavy metal as a trio the way we play it: if you play even a bit wrong the whole thing collapses like a house of cards. But to me it's the only way to play heavy metal - for the reason I don't know.

How did you share roles in composing songs with Lyijykomppania, in the past and today? Did the band have a mastermind or is it you - main songwriter?

In the very beginning we played mostly covers, then Rautiainen and Jaatinen composed the most of our own songs. After Jaatinen (had to) left the band I worked together with Rautiainen like this: I composed mostly riffs - and also some "bridges" and whatsoever, and Rautiainen composed the rest of the song. He also made riffs too of course. After Rautiainen had left the band I worked mostly together with Lindström and then after Virtanen. So I think the main composers have been Rautiainen, Lindström and Virtanen. I have written over 99 % of lyrics.

Original line-up: Olli Jaatinen (Bass), Moilanen and Timo Rautianinen (Guitars, Vocals).

Did you ever think to recreate the band with Olli and Timo again?

Totally impossible.

It's said that Lyijykomppania play a mix of Heavy and Doom Metal, or Proto-Doom metal, how do you see it? What did you want to achieve when you did start the band?

To describe Lyijykomppania´s musical style has always been a problem for critics. It doesn´t bother us or our fans. Like that engineer who recorded our first EP said: (in Finnish) "Voi helevetti että on synkkää jynkytystä"! (impossible to translate but something like: Bloody hell! What a gloomy beating / sinister slamming - or something like that.) Nowadays Finnish critics have given up and they use only the term "synkkää jynkytystä".

I didn´t want to achieve anything when I started the band in June 1981. And I still haven´t.

What were your main influences when you started the band?

As I said before in the very beginning we played mostly covers: Free, Neil Young, Jethro Tull, King Crimson to name a few; very little Finnish bands or not at all.

Lyijykomppania – 'Omenain Kerääjä':

Lyijykomppania has come a very long way, but somehow the main motives of your music remain same and your sound is really recognizable despite all changes. How did it happen?

Not a slightest idea. How the hell should I know? Anyway me myself think quite a different way about music. For me it is only tunes and pauses...

All of your songs have Finnish lyrics, and as it's difficult to translate Metal Archives hints that lyrical topics are "alcohol, death, apocalypse". Esa, here is a question – is that true?

Yes, it is the truth. But not the whole truth.

The band has a very long history; can you name the main milestones of Lyijykomppania?

I haven't thought things that way... Let me try: June 1981 (Lyijykomppania was founded), July 1981 (the first gig), the first record in 1991, Viimeinen voitelu 1996, Ilosaarirock fesival 1996, Sota nälkä rutto kuolema 2010... Obviously something missing, but at least these.

With what kind of bands do you usually play gigs? And how often do you play now?

We have always playd a very few gigs: during our active periods maybe 4-5 / a year. We have supported (or they us) for ex Y.U.P., Viikate, CMX, Kotiteollisuus, Terveet kädet, Sweetheart, Deep Turtle, Andy McCoy :grin: to name a few.

It seems that the band lives and works in isolation - did you spread your records worldwide? Do you play abroad? And are you interested in it? I think that it's a pity that such a professional and authentic band is quite unknown abroad.

We have never played abroad - the financial risks are too big. Distributing records like Lyijykomppania´s abroad is also a very stressing job to do. Some copies have been sold through our own post sale (Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA..).

Lyijykomppania – 'Jaloviinamies':

Do you plan to record a new album with the new lineup?

Not such plans "on progress" right now. Last summer I wrote two new song lyrics for Lyijykomppania. I´ve spent quite a lot of my time writing songs to my other band Der Greif due to lack of musicians in Lyijykomppania recently.

That's all for today, thank you for answers. Do you have few more words for our readers?

Thanx. Nothing special in my mind for your readers. In heavy metal we trust - avoid bad music! :grin:

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Interviewed on 2015-12-29 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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