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Coldun is a multi-instrumentalist who released a qualitatively Doom album 'Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?' in 2007. Seven years later we have a sophomore album - 'Collapsing Polarities'; time for a retrospective interview.

Interview with C.O.L.D.U.N.
Let me remind you about this one-man band from Germany. Coldun is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in some thrash, death and heavy metal bands, yet under this name he released a qualitatively Doom album 'Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?' in 2007. Seven years later, we have a sophomore album - 'Collapsing Polarities' - and once again Coldun’s sound is based on Doom Metal with a clear progressive touch. So, if you're searching for something new and fresh, if you like clear vocals in the Vintersorg style, then it’s a good opportunity to satisfy your hunger for new music. Here’s Coldun himself.

Salute, Coldun! Some of our readers already know about the forthcoming release of your new album on Northern Silence, but let me start with another question: why does your project have this name? “Coldun” is a Slavonic word which means “wizard” or “sorcerer”: do you have any roots in Russia?

Cheers! The name Coldun is based on the first album – it’s a created word from the concept of this album. The word COLDUN is created from the first letters of a latin dictum that is directly connected to the concept and title of the debut album. Details are up the interested owner of the debut-album who search will find - 
The double-meaning in the Slavonic language is welcome but not the main aspect. Nevertheless, I have a personal connection to the Russian language because I am a child of the former GDR and so learned my whole childhood Russian (but can’t speak a lot anymore).

The new album “Collapsing Polarities” will be released on 14th of February, is it a kind of Saint Valentine’s Day gift to all of your listeners? And well… I have to ask it – sorry man. We know that Doom Metal and heavy music usually deals with dark stuff (death, Satan, Hell and skulls), so what role does love play in your artistic expression? : )

The release-date doesn’t have to do anything with Saint Valentine. It’s the symbol number of 14022014 that gave the impulse for this date. The label and I like such numerology.
To your question about the dark stuff in nearly all metal lyrics I have to say, that you are right, when you noticed, that the themes in the new album are a bit different. I make metal music now for a long time and in some way I am sick and tired of the dark and evil stuff all the time. In some epochs of the metal evolution it was authentic but nowadays I’m not sure, whether a lot of the evilness and hatred in metal is pure childish spectacle to play a commercial role. I’m not into this machinery anymore. Through the last years, I recognize voices in my heart that speak a different language, it’s a kind of spiritual progress and I don’t deny that in my actual lyrics.

Good answer, it's true to say that I feel something is wrong when a band plays the same stuff for decades; it doesn’t come across as real. But I digress, let’s return to Coldun. 'Collapsing Polarities' will be released by Northern Silence Productions - their sub-label EyesLikeSnow always have some good records in the roster. How would you describe collaborating with them?

The collaboration with the label “Northern Silence Production” is so far very good and uncomplicated. The head of NSP and I live in the same region of Germany, so we know each other a little bit, also before the collaboration on the new album started. He liked what he hears from the new music of mine and so we decided to work together. I also know some stuff of his doom-oriented sublabel “Eyes Like Snow” and so it fits quit well.

Okay, I’m a little prone to digression – excuse me my curiosity! So, what is the main conceptual line of the album? You also used samples - with some speech - after the song 'Relight the Temple Within': how do they help to support the album’s concept?

Some lyrics are about the spiritual progress I mentioned and some lyrics are more about some philosophic thought experiments in general. The overall theme is maybe the aspect of zooming out of the everyday life problems and to get a wider view of life, death, men, gods and meaning in general. It’s the title phenomenon – if we zoom out of our narrowed point of view we see all polarities collapsing.
But the lyrics also have more than one layer of meaning. So everyone who wants is invited to look for their own interpretation.

Could you also say that this progress has affected the way you compose songs? You were involved in some extreme (black and death) metal projects: do you suppose that you might revisit those one day?

I don’t know what I will do musically in the future and I don’t want to know it now. It’s not even a phase – I really want to let it come and want to see what the future brings. No pressure in any directions – it’s against the nature of progress. But I think the metal, rock or maybe ambient music field has still enough place for me to play there for a while..

How much of your self has gone into the new songs? The new stuff is pretty complex and progressive, yet it sounds very natural, so I wonder if it’s a kind of autobiographical album?

Maybe you’re right. But as said, I think there are meaning layers for other readers too. So it’s a kind of mixture of very personal stuff and open themes for interpretations.

Do you feel you have improved as a composer on “Collapsing of Polarities”?

I think the composing process of the new album was very instructive for me. I learned a lot about how I can go further in the future, when I think of the composing and recording process.

Composers of the past have become legends of today: they are considered classic, and beyond good and evil. Would you think modern Doom - or, generally, the underground metal scene - will occupy similarly respected positions in the future?

Hard to say. For sure some musicians of today will become legends in the future. But whether there will be some doom or metal bands under these I don’t know. For the future metal crowd for sure – but for mankind in general – I’ m not sure. But maybe in 50 years they play Warning – 'Footprints' on classic radio – lets hope so.

There was a long break after your debut album 'Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?': were you involved in other musical projects during this period? And what is your main occupation, besides composing this subtle, melancholic sort of Doom Metal?

I was into metal music all the years without break. But Coldun was always a very personal thing and so I take the time that it needs till the impulse of a new album was there. So I can truly record only music for the new album that seems to be perfect for the new songs. That’s why it took 7 years but I feel very happy with this – I just wait till the music was there – it feels very natural, nothing is composed under pressure.
Besides the music I have a normal job – so music has not to be the bringer of money. That is important to make only music from heart and not for the money bag.

Yes, I see, but does it mean that release of the next album will be a totally unpredictable thing? Or do you plan to develop your songwriting skills in other projects?

I’m involved in a new band that consists of friends that I played with for long years now in former bands. So we definitely will bring some news in 2014. Whether we can do a whole record in 2014 I’m not sure at the moment but we work on it. The name of the new band and more information about that I will release in a few weeks about the Coldun Facebook Bandpage!

Your voice is often compared with the vocals of Vintersorg, and I guess that’s meant as a compliment. How often have you heard a negative yet constructive criticism of that from the first album, and did it change anything when you composed songs for 'Collapsing of Polarities'?

It seems so, that I have a very special voice – in good as well as bad direction. Some people like this color of my voice and some don’t. I don’t value that – also not in good and not in bad direction. I can’t do really something against the color of my voice – you hear on all records that I have done in the past directly that it’s me. For sure, my voice also has developed in the last years and also the microphone has developed for 10 years but the basic color remains. Maybe the way I sing is in a slow but noticeable change but that’s normal for the long time and not consciously forced by me.

Thank you for your time Coldun! The 'Collapsing Polarities' release is at hand, and I hope that it will attract the deserved attention of listeners. Good luck!

Thanks and cheers!

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Interviewed on 2014-01-20 by Aleks Evdokimov.
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