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Mist/Emiliano of the Italian one-man project Dead Summer Society tells us more about the way he conceives his music.

Interview with Dead Summer Society.
1. Emiliano, could you introduce Dead Summer Society to us? When the project was formed, your releases until now...
-Hi! DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY is a doom/gothic/atmospheric/dark/experimental project officially formed in 2010. It started with an instrumental demo in 2010, titled 'The heart of autumnsphere'. After that demo I started writing new material with the intention to add vocals to the music, I got in touch with male/female singers and with their collaboration I released on February 2012 the debut full lenght 'Visions from a thousand lives', which was self-released. In June 2012 I also released the digital EP 'My days through silence', which contains some songs taken from 'The heart of autumnsphere' with vocals added. I'm working on a new album which will be released in 2013 by Rain Without End Records.

2. What would be your artistic goals with Dead Summer Society?
-Well, to be honest I have to say that first of all I write music for myself...even if I like to share it with people, hehe… I'd like to reach a more personal sound, an own sound... Trying to realize something 'special'... That's why I like to experiment, trying new things, merging doom, dark ambient, folk, electronic elements, using different kind of vocals...

3. Dead Summer Society is a one-person project, why did you choose to work alone?
I simply wanted to create something 'personal', something without 'compromises', a project in which I could put all my musical influences and experience, with a sort of 'experimental' approaches. A project to completely express myself, to try new things in a spontaneous way. But I also like to have collaborations because I think it's something able to make music richer, something that gives more personality, making everything more interesting.

4. Is there a chance for Dead Summer Society to transform into a full band and maybe to see you performing live?
-To be honest I don't think so, I like the project as it is, so I think DSS will remain a studio project... But life is so surprising, so... Who can say what it's going to happen? hehe!

5. Are you satisfied with the reception of your album by the fans and the press?
-Well, the feedback is good, the album got nice reviews and people seem to appreciate the project. So I'm quite satisfied... But I consider 'Visions...' as a starting point of course, I'm conscious I have to work hard to get to a more personal, interesting and mature sound. 6. Since the middle of the previous decade there has been a shift in terms of dominating style from Doom/Death to more traditional old-school forms. Do you think this can work against you and narrow your potential audience or those kind of things don't really bother you?
- Mmm to be honest I've never paid attention to it, I don't try to forge my music to let it fit a style rather than another...I simply express myself through my music, I simply write and perform the music I like, the music that comes from my feelings, passion and sentiments... As I said, first of all I write music for myself, it's a kind of 'creative soul outburst'...

7. I noticed on a website that you are also guitarist in How Like a Winter and I remember some good reviews about them, but I haven't heard of them for a long time. Is the band still active or has it split up?
- Another good question! Yeah, I'm guitarist of How Like a Winter, a very promising band in my opinion, which released its debut in 2003... So many years ago... To be honest, I don't know if the band is still active or not... I mean, the band still exists, we talk to each other sometimes, we go out for a beer and some chat but we rarely play music together, and even if we have some good material to work on, think that's not enough to say we're still active... So many years have passed… I don't really know what it's going to happen to the band... We have a second album almost ready, I could say... In theory... But in practice, I don't know... Everything is 'on hold', we're just discussing about a cd-vinyl reprinting of the demo 'The winter's near' at the moment, we will see...

8. Would you have noticed any new bands lately of which you could think they have some potential for great things to come?
- Well, yes, I listened to some great releases these months, I can suggest LLVME from Spain, L'Alba di Morrigan, Bretus, Valkiria and Kenos from Italy, think they have all a huge talent and great potential!

9. Before we close the interview, would you like to add something or say something that you feel important and hasn't been covered by my questions?
- Well... Just want to say thanks to you, thanks for your support, and thanks a lot for the time you dedicated to DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY, both for review and interview...and greetings to all the readers. You'll find some links to find info and updates about DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY on the Band's profile
Thanks again!

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Interviewed on 2012-08-15 by Dimitris Plastiras.
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