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Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, aptly named 'Music City' is the funeral doom/death metal band Loss. Last year saw the release of the first full length, titled 'Despond'. This album was – deserving - very well received and should be able to settle the fame of Loss to a broader audience of doom metal-heads and beyond.

Interview with Loss.
As a first part of this interview, I would like to give you the opportunity to introduce the band to those until now unfamiliar with your work. What does Loss aim to deliver to the world?
We are a 4 piece consisting of myself, Mike Meacham - vocals and guitar, Jay LeMaire - drums, John Anderson - bass and Tim Lewis - guitar. We all write the music together as a unit and aim to create the bleakest, sad music ever experienced completely influenced by our collective thoughts and wish to simple give in and give up. End it all.

As stated in my introduction, 2011 hallmarked the release of the first full length of Loss. The band has already been active for a far longer period, with the release of the demo 'Life without Hope… Death without Reason' in 2004 and subsequent split-releases with Necros Christos, Worship, Otesanek, Orthodox and Mournful Congregation. Is there any reason behind the relative slow release between the split albums and the first full length?
The answer is simple. We, as a band, on personal levels, all of us, dealt with some very hard issues and hard times. Lots of sickness, death, addiction/abuse and emotional problems all played their part and we would never rush our music to be done before it was ready. In the end, yes it took a long time but it was worth it because Despond wouldn't be what it is without every ounce of misery we endured.

How have things gone for the band since the release of 'Despond'?
The reaction has been great. People seem to enjoy what we do and we have had lots of offers to play live and played some great festivals and shows in support of the album. We have read some great reviews and luckily some honest criticism too which is good. The best reviews point out the good and bad things about an album. Its been great.

I've browsed different reviews and came across some contradictory, albeit positive statements. One person praising the album as a therapy in the sense that it made him feel better listening to it, while another professed feeling ill at ease while listening, although that did not deter him from loving the album. Is there a certain sentiment you aim for with your listeners?
Precisely BOTH those sentiments. If it makes you 'feel better' because you can identify, then that is great... if you feel miserable afterwords, even better. We certainly felt miserable writing it as it is an extension of our collective experiences.

My personal highlight of the album 'Despond' is the song 'An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight'. The climactic ending of this song is, in my opinion, the best example of the way Loss works its doom metal – in a thought-through blend of heavy riffing and injections of melody. At moments, the songs on 'Despond' resemble the early doom/death of My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost, only in a far more forlorn and darker context than those bands ever evoked. How do you see the sound of Loss evolving for future releases?
Thank you for your words on our songs... It really does mean alot every time someone says they get something from our work... Future Loss will be more textured, definitely more depressing and there will be more dynamics in a way... We have already begun work on the skeletons of a couple of songs.

I particularly some of the more special titles of certain songs. For example: 'Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being)'. Which explanation would you give to this title?
Ahh... this was the first song we wrote as a band. The title, while abstract in a way, is very simple. The personification of the burial ritual as a concept and emotional state that would lead you to your final breath. Alone and shattered. Given up and beaten to the point that there is nothing left to live for. So painful, kept silent and concealed until its finally over.

I have not yet had the pleasure to see Loss perform live. Does the band use any attributes or special attire? Or do you prefer to let the music do the talking?
We are not about image at all... live we wear just all black mainly and burn a special incense though we would like to incorporate fog/smoke into our live setting. Low lit shows are the best. We prefer to remain in the shadows so to speak and let the whole of our creation speak....

Which bands or musicians have the members of Loss been listening to recently?
Personally, lately Ive been listening to alot of Derniere Volonte as well as Pallbearer, Worm Ouroboros, Alaric, Anhedonist, Nuclear Hammer, Deiphago, Nyogthaeblisz, Black Witchery, Black Hole ( the new demo collection is outstanding), Con-Dom, Rome, Sisters of Mercy and of course Black Sabbath.... I know the other guys have listened to everything from Dead Congregation, Hooded Menace, Cinema Strange and Void Meditation Cult to lots of film scores and older folk and country music. We really do draw influences from everywhere.

What are your views upon the current state of the doom metal scene?
I have no views on the current doom scene specifically but rather on the underground as a whole... Its getting strong again after a long period of stagnation. There are so many good bands out right now and newer ones starting all the time. The new digital age and age of the internet has helped in the way that communication is faster and word spreads faster but also the mainstream music continues to become more plastic and just a product thus the underground scene answers with strong new independent labels and bands that have the will and conviction to play and work for our art. Its a beautiful thing. I know for alot of us, music is the only reason we breathe and bother to wake up in the morning.

To end this interview, I would like to give you a couple of quotes, which I would like you to give your thoughts on:
- Sartre: Hell is other people. - I totally agree with Sartre here. Human kind is a curse and a wretched parasite. People make life not worth living. Solitude is a necessity
- Schopenhauer: Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right. - I think this reflects on the greed and arrogance of people and nations as a whole. Everyone is so quick to point out the flaws in everyone else and noone wants to turn the finger on themselves.
- Nietzsche: I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time. Worship the self.

The last words are yours:
thanks for the chance to answer these questions... my apologies for such short answers that were not more in depth... I am extremely sleep deprived and in a state of depression at the moment which translates to being lazy. Fatum Vestri Vita.... Doom Your Life.

Visit the Loss bandpage.

Interviewed on 2012-04-21 by Lawrence Van Haecke.
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