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A five-piece band from Stuttgart, founded in 2010, Moribund Mantras combine a strong Post-Metal/Post-Rock guitar sound with equal parts Trad and Psych/St...
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The bicephalous entity Hanged Ghost haunts spaces between extreme Doom and Funeral, vomiting imprecations as obscure as the identity of the humans behind the beast. The interview will only betray little secrets about that new Portuguese project.

Interview with Hanged Ghost.

1) Musicians hidden by mask or monks robe, no precise biography, very rare and minimalistic information, a band which seems to emerge from nowhere … How did you explain the mystery that surrounds Hanged Ghost? A way for the musicians to step back behind their musical art? A way to dehumanize the music?
Hanged Ghost is a creature of darkness, an abyssal entity whose aim is to crawl deep in the night. We live in a cavern where no illumination exists...From time to time, the tiny light of a burning candle guides us through the dark tunnels to unleash our artefacts.
We want the music to speak for itself, as an expression of our energy – dense, mysterious, intense & claustrophobic. A curtain that reveals our inside, the truth deep in it, like the shadows we are.

2) To bring some clarification, how and when did both entities Hanged and Ghost meet? What led you to create music together? What are the significations behind the choice of such names? Is Hanged Ghost exclusively intended to exist in its current form or could the addition of extra members be possible in the future?
How and when are, merely, time and space conjunctures. Hanged Ghost meeting is to let the soul depart to another dimension, a channel of energy that transfixes the body, the mind & soul.
Hanged Ghost was a lifeless name chosen years ago, at night, when the rain softly was touching the moisture floor, and the fading wind was music to our ears.
Both of us are ghosts in this life-time, invisible, undetectable, and cursed with no visions of hope.
The addition of new members could be possible, if they feel the same about us, in relation of occult music. For this, one thing is certain; it will not be an outsider.

3) How is organized the composition process? The distribution between musical and lyrical ideas? One entity taking care of the music, the other of the lyrics? One entity leads as the other follows or is it a more alchemical and interactive process? Is the music born from the lyrics or is it the opposite?
Each member takes the position he is designed for. The music is born from a mix of individualism and mutual experiments. When all the elements are in harmony the void-trip is complete.
Usually, the lyrics are written before the music exists, and then, some final arrangements are done when the track is complete. The opposite can happen to, there is no boundaries for the soul fulfil its negative manifestation.

4) Listening to your art, we feel a very strong influence from the obscure times of doom/death, even funeral, from the early 90's. What does that period represent for you and how would you describe your approach of doom?
We both began to listen to extreme music back in the earlier 90’s. So, this has a big influence on us, along with the composition method. It is our natural source that dwells inside. That time represents the era of transformation, where the void of the soul fuses with the flesh – the beginning of a cursed identity.
Doom will always be bleak and desolate, also heavy and oppressive. We want to keep it that way, in our own formula.

5) There is one element that particularly strikes me: the strong personality of Hanged Ghost, the precise vision of the band that we can feel. Something which often comes with experience and a greater number of musical projects, years after years. Have you ever played in other bands?
We do play in other acts beside Hanged Ghost. There’s no need to mention names, as we want the music to speak only for its essence, and not for personalities.

6) How do you see your own progression between the Remembrance demos and your first album named ’Knowledge of the Occult’? Does this album represent a sort of achievement? How will hanged Ghost evolve in the future?
From the demos until our first full length, the progression of Hanged Ghost has not suffered many changes. Both demos and the album are one chapter of “Occult Funeral Death Doom”. This same chapter will continue among us in the future as well.

7) Regarding the credits in the booklet, we can see that some lyrics were written back in 2005 and the album recorded six years later? Is this album really the result of so long a maturation process?
Those lyrics were agonizingly written under a high state of negative emotions. They represent a dark epoch in time... They were just hidden in a wooden box until the proper time arrives for them to be exposed.
This album takes us some time to be written and recorded, not six years of process. But, the enough time to expose our cathartic result, through the dismal fields of our lifeless minds.

8) Knowledge of the Occult … What are the significations hidden behind this very enigmatic title? Learning? A sort of revelation? And what represents occultism for you, its practice? Does it take an important part in your personal lives?
The title has a specific meaning founded on the lyrics. This is an open field to all concepts and ideas. The ultimate ambition for all research should not only focus on objectivity, but also, focus on searching The Truth.
It certainly takes importance on our lives. Mystery and Occultism are within us, be it in our inner-self and personality, or in folklore. Above all conditions, we do find sense and meaning in this philosophy. The occult wisdom is deeply hidden inside, and it cannot be worked as structure of brick and cement.

9) Other notions which seem to have a particular resonance in your lyrics are the void, the emptiness, suffering and pain. Do you feel that existence is empty, that people are empty, even useless? Is your notion of life exclusively related to those notions?
We are sons of the void. Darkness guides us in this journey of emptiness. We explore the negative state of the human side – feelings of our own, and emotions once felt/that we continue to feel. On the other side, Hanged Ghost is connected to ritual practises, praises to the occult wisdom and references to the inexorable truth.
We do feel that the majority of the breathing humans are useless minds, just empty shells, eating, drinking and working till they end slowly approaches. Following trends and stereotypes images – futility is the ruler of this age. Most people do not live, they merely exist.
Apathy is well shaped in their faces while driving their cars to work/home (like metallic coffins), and boredom strikes deep the nucleus of their souls...
Existence itself is mainly obscure and unenthusiastic for those who really think in a different way, for those who see beyond the veil. All hopes are covered with thick and dense dust. The feeling of abstract joy comes to the psyche from time to time... but quickly this minor feeling disappear in the fog, and the murky cavern takes its place. Heart is born in grief...

10) You are two entities. You’re presenting you as Hanged and Ghost. You have written a song called The Wood & the Stone. As well, a twin-figure is represented on the CD. Duality, both in terms of opposition and complementarity, seems to hold a particular significance for you. What does it represent exactly?
Life/Death. God/Satan. Hanged (Physical)/Ghost (Spiritual). All meanings have two different faces, the contexts for the same exact words can take various dimensions of one’s thoughts. Oxymoron of words gathers a mysterious significance and the mechanism of this unity is fairly what we wanted to give to know. The perception of these results is masked, and the absolute truth behind the meaning is hidden. This logical paradox takes different levels of abstraction, diverging from intellect to intellect.

11) With such a minimalistic and introspective musical, we can imagine you having quite an ascetic lifestyle. What is the relation between you as human persons and you as entities in Hanged Ghost?
Both entities have various common aspects. At some point Hanged Ghost is a reflection of the spirit, a lineage built upon the past, rooted in the present. We try to shape the appropriate feelings into our musical language, and then disgust comes to the surface to be discovered.
We are Ghosts in the community, beings that do not belong from here, cursed since the day of birth, until the final day.

12) Could Hanged Ghost perform live or is it something you’re not interested in? We have played live twice over the years of our existence. It’s something we want to do again in the future, in moderate quantities. We don’t want to lose the essence and energy, to avoid becoming futile. Hanged Ghost live rituals are a lugubrious & obscure voyage, in audio and visual form. Dense and impenetrable...

13) What's your opinion about the metal scene in Portugal? Do you have many contacts with other bands? And what would you say about your relation with your label Bubonic?
There are some acts that I fully support, and others that I couldn’t care less. I do have contact with a few bands; most of them are very old contacts actually.
Bubonic Productions is one of those contacts... very close to us.

14) Do you have some new musical and/or lyrical material in store or being currently worked on? When could we expect Hanged Ghost to be summoned once again?
It is interesting that you’re asking about new lyrical manifests, people don't care too much about these matters nowadays. In some cases lyrics can be important as the music itself; they represent feelings, emotions, life moments (past / present / future), thoughts... Poems from lifeless souls.
We have gathered again to continue the process of the Occult - new tunes are being crafted...

15) Thanks for the time you spent answering this interview. Last words are yours …
Thank you.

I feel life vanish… from this mysterious presence
Cries of despair are heard by those of no remorse

Visit the Hanged Ghost bandpage.

Interviewed on 2012-03-27 by Manu Buck.
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