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Who Dies In Siberian Slush follow up the reworking of their debut with another essential, and essentially Russian, full-length album.
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A Canadian trio from North Ontario, Algoma go down the route of slow, massively heavy, raw-vocalled and no-frills Sludge. Tracks are not generally overlo...
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The French Black Doom band Sektarism is about to unleash its first full-length ; the occasion for doom-metal to have a chat with them about their musical views; we’ll see to which extend satanism can be soluble in Doom.

Interview with Sektarism.
1- How did Sektarism came into existence?
Sektarism was born in the darkness of a Tolosan cellar, where a subtle smell of malt lingered, one night of 2005, by the communion of Ignominy Brothers, who recognized and united in the truth so ignored by the mass.

2- All members of the Sektarism Church are members of Black Metal bands : what were you motivations in creating a Doom project instead of continuing in the Black Metal genre?
Spontaneity and communion are much more important within Sektarism than within other projects. Maybe also the fact of wanting to distance ourselves from the "metal» label, we have to admit that we do not recognize ourselves in the so called family of extreme metal.

3- What does Sektarism bring to you that your other bands didn't?
The possibility of creating in an even more spontaneous way, of strengthening our communion in the name of Ignominy. To share suffering and trance of a rare intensity. These aspects exist in our other artistic projects, but with Sektarism, they strengthened.

4- Why did you choose the name Sektarism, and how it is related to your music?
Sektarism is totally similar, from an etymological or artistic point of view, to what we are and the message we want to spread. During our ceremonies, it is this spiritual link uniting the Apostles’ souls gathered within the entity Sektarism which makes the difference with many bands. This Sectarian approach is our ground and fundamental basis and one of the most important aspects of our artistic view.

5- Sektarism is one of the very few satanic Doom bands in activity : how do your spiritual beliefs influence your music?
It depends on what you call Satanism, but I do not agree with this opinion. How our spiritual faith influences our music? In everything, it transcends it, gives it a soul that is rare nowadays.
These comments will certainly be considered as egocentric, but I am not ashamed to say that ideology and faith enables Art transcendence.
To the great displeasure of purists, it seems so clear that guts, sincerity and spirituality makes Art special, rather than an amplifier brand or music theory lessons.
Works as Kénose are indeed technical, so as for Michelangelo or Carravagio paintings, but if their authors only had used technical skills without an artistic vision, they would be compared to Dream Theater or interior designer, where technique is mastered but without heart and soul in the performance.

6- Could Sektarism be what it is if there wasn't any spirituality involved?

7- What are the goals, if any, of Sektarism's music ?
Statistically, we still have a few decades to leave on this earth and we shall not hesitate to flourish in this path, to raise our spirit and spread our message, that is no other than His: let’s enjoy in suffering, my Brothers, and don’t be ashamed to be alien to this world!

8- I'd like you to give me an analysis of each of your 3 releases so far : 'l'Offrande', 'Hosanna Satana' and 'Le Testament'?
Why should we analyze these works? What we wished to say are already contained in them. If it has to be examined, on no account should it be done by one of an Ignominy’s Apostle who elaborated it, otherwise it would mean that these works are not plain and finished, and yet they are!

9- Why did you choose to sing in French? Wouldn't have it been easier to sing in English, in order to have more people touched by your message?
It is easier to spread the core of what we are in our own language. If we just chose our art language only considering popularity and profit possibilities, we would have used chinese, so what’s the point?!!!

10- Your music has a very ritualistic feel to it, not unlike the 1st Wormphlegm demo : who are the bands that can be considered an influence on the Sektarism sound?
Grunt and Black Sabbath! Some days, Bizarre Uproar , Reverend Bizarre and a little touch of SVEST.
Seriously, they are influences in our music but it’s not a conscious process and it does not appeal to us.

11- Your music is very obscure and particulary raw, compared to other Funeral Doom bands. Why did you choose such a sound instead of the more classic polished one you can hear in Firebox bands, for example?
We do what we like, and our goal is not to sign on Firebox, so we don't care.

12 - All your 3 releases so far were recorded in live conditions : why this choice of recording?
Communion, sharing suffering, a sectarian way to create art and enter in spiritual ecstasy with the Almighty.

13 - So far, you've released just 3 Eps : considering the importance of the number 3 in the various religions or occult practices, was it a conscious decision and if yes, why?
Who can claim to choose in a conscious way? If we realized three EPs, there is a good reason.

14 - 2 of your album have been released in tape format : in October 2010, Sony has announced that they were stopping the manufacturing of cassette-based walkmans, so what are your reasons for releasing music on such format?
Just to give a big fuck off to Sony of course, and maybe because this format fits perfectly with what we fight for!

15 - I've heard that an album was in the making, what can you tell me about it?
“Le Son des Stigmates” is a religious gem of Drone, Doom, Experimental, Improvised music. Inspired by the spiritual way of life and views of The Apostles of Ignominy. A hard work of five years to give birth to 3 tracks, resulting from suffering, pain & anguishes of four human beings, a masterpiece of musical dark art. This Opus will be out in April under the Zanjeer Zani's banner and distributed by Necrocosm.

16 - Shall we see Sektarism on stage some day? What will we see then?
We began public ceremonies in November 2011, lenteur et crasse pour extase spirituelle ! Communion in suffering on His behalf! We are opened to any proposals allowing us to follow this path.

17 - Thanks for having answered my questions, let's finish with the usual cliché : last words are yours.
Seul le sang pourra laver cet affront impie!

Eklezjas'tik BerZerK au nom de SEKTARISM sous la bienveillance des Apôtres de l'Ignominie et de notre Seigneur le dimanche 11 mars 2012.

Visit the Sektarism bandpage.

Interviewed on 2012-03-21 by Laurent Lignon.
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