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Malta is one of the smallest states in the world and suprisingly enough, the country gave birth to some interesting Doom acts; yes, several ! Gothic Doom Weeping Silence are one of them. If the band has been active for more than a decade, they will only release their third full-length this year. The occasion for doom-metal to have an interview with guitarist Mario and bassist Sean.

Interview with Weeping Silence.
1. Searching around about your band I discovered that you have existed since 1995 but you released your first album in 2008, why did it take you so long? Could that be due to the fact that you are from a small country like Malta?

In the twilight years between 1995 and 1998 the band was discovering itself. As a band of very young musicians we struggled to find a place within the scene. Nonetheless, an EP was released locally in 1998 called ‘Deprived from Romance’ featuring a male vocalist. In 2000 there were line-up changes and consequently style changes too. Rachel joined the band and composition began for an in memoriam album entitled ‘End of an Era’ that was recorded in 2003. At the time we signed to a South American record label, but this plan went bust and we lost precious time. We then signed to Sleaszy Rider Records and the album was again delayed until its release in 2008. Living on an island did not really influence the stroke of bad luck that the band met with between 2003 and 2007.

2. Both your previous releases have been received with glowing comments, but looking back at them with hindsight, are you 100% satisfied with them or would you change something?

The albums are a product of their time … and by time I mean the years they were recorded: 2003 and 2006 respectively. Their late release due to labels’ and global financial problems was an uncontrollable matter that a band like Weeping Silence could not avoid. We are happy that, notwithstanding that the albums saw the light of day several years after the recording, reviewers generally had kind words to say about them and the metal community seems to have enjoyed the music. The latest satisfaction was our nomination for the Metal Storm Awards 2011. However, looking back, as any musician would say, we’d make some musical arrangements surely.

3. I noticed that you haven’t revealed the title of your new album, would it be a great indiscretion from my side to ask what the title will be or haven’t you decided yet?

Sean: It certainly would not be an indiscretion … J yet I’ll have to disappoint you! We have a working title, but we’re keeping it under wraps for now. We will release the title in the coming months, hopefully with good news about who will be releasing it too.

4. From the samples of your upcoming album I noticed that it will be a bit different from your previous release “Theatre Of Life”, just as that one was different from your debut… Is this change for change’s sake or a change as part of an evolution?

Sean: This change is part of an evolution. Weeping Silence has rediscovered a lot of its doom roots here, even though I surely cannot call this a purely doom metal album. The style is heavier than our earlier full lengths and the members are more comfortable with a more aggressive blend of gothic and doom metal.

5. Who is doing the male vocals on your new album?

Sean: The male growls are done by Joseph Grech. Apart from Joseph, who is a full member of the band, we are happy to have Anders Jacobsson of Draconian as guest vocalist.

6. Recently, in an interview, Jim Matheos of Fates Warning said that “… The more open you are as a listener, the more multidimensional as a creator you become.” Listening to your work I think it’s obvious that you share this opinion, but aren’t you afraid that the frequent changes might alienate fans that would rather see you stay on a specific, never-changing track?

Sean: Of course you are right. Yet we must be true to our artistic inspiration at the time of composition. To mention just one great band – Anathema - has constantly been changing style. Many debate whether the style in ‘The Silent Enigma’ is best, or if ‘Judgment’, and later ‘We’re Here because we’re Here’ is even better. Anyway, these are debates that, though interesting, are pointless because they achieve nothing. The thing that matters is whether or not the listener enjoyed the album. In addition, what also matters is that the musician enjoys what s/he performs and feels what s/he records at the time. Then one hopes that the result is satisfactory. So, I guess even though we wonder if our fans would rather see us stick to one style, we figure that ultimately they can appreciate the motives behind change and maybe feel that the change is in fact an improvement on the past.

7. Since your beginning which artists and albums influenced your work the most?

Mario: They are as varied as you can imagine … J . From The Gathering’s ‘Nighttime Birds’ to My Dying Bride’s ‘Turn Loose the Swans’ and Candlemass’ ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’; from Within Temptation’s ‘Silent Force’ to Death’s ‘Symbolic’. The list is endless; we are also fans of Black Sabbath, Draconian, Paradise Lost, Arcturus, Elend, Lacrimosa and so many others.

8. One of the most important ‘ingredients’ of your music is Rachel; did you ever worry that she might be lured away from you by a more famous band?

Mario: Haha J … it never crossed my mind … … hmmm … should I start worrying?!?? … I just won’t think about it for now J … though I’m sure she could easily be tempted, she is a great singer after all … What I am sure of is that Rachel loves the band and if another opportunity arises for her she will still remain Weeping Silence’s singer.

9. Do you have any info about future live shows that you’d like to share with us?

Mario: We always have several local gigs with Maltese bands. Apart from that, we have some shows planned for Europe. Once confirmed we will have details on the website and fb 10. What would be the ultimate ‘goal’ that you as a band and as individual(s) dream to achieve? Well I’d love to see Weeping Silence grow musically to become a band that people enjoy for years to come. That this will bring nice things like big festivals would be an awesome thing and we’ll owe it all to the people that made it happen.

11. Are there any new bands around you could recommend to keep an eye on?

Sean: Of course the metal scene produces so many bands J … that’s what is great about it too. At the moment I’m listening to The 11th Hour.

12. Something I would have forgotten to ask and you’d like to add?

The new album is produced by Brett Caldas-Lime at Tower Studio and contains nine tracks. This will hopefully hit the shelves later this year. People can follow what’s happening at Weeping Silence on fb and the website. We’d love to see the metal heads out there join us on fb and maybe see them someday soon somewhere at a festival or gig. Also, a massive thank you to Doom-Metal.com especially yourself and Bertrand for always featuring Weeping Silence, and for reviewing the albums. For this we are eternally grateful! We would also like to thank our fans and friends who have followed us with passion for so many years … much respect!

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Thank you

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Interviewed on 2012-03-15 by Dimitris Plastiras.
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