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Blut is heavy, but keeps the traditional minimalism attributed to Drone/Doom quite at bay. The band sound cahotic, the music is threatening and unrelent...
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... the whole world shall become a mass grave...

Interview with Moss.


Ugly, raw and primitive...Moss is one of the most digusting manifestations of the hideousness of human existence. We thought that this is sufficient reason to interview main man Olly about his unbearably sick, twisted and extreme band...


Hi Olly, could you introduce Moss to those who don't know the horrors it has  unleashed upon this world?

Hailz Lawrence!
Moss can only be described as ultra-extreme, primitive doom - massive, brutal guitars colliding with painful, tortured vokills and battered drums, in very, very slow motion. Sick, ugly music made by sick, ugly people. Moss offers no solutions to peoples problems, or a shoulder to cry on, only pain, hatred and suffering for us and the listener. This isn't catharsis, this is creation... creation of disgust and disdain for all human life, and especially ourselves. Moss is a disease and we are all infected...

How are things going with Moss?

We had a few problems within the band recently, and Chris (drums) has left... he has some personal stuff he needs to sort out, and we wish him well. We thought finding a new drummer who would understand where Moss was coming from and who would want to play
as slow as is humanely possible was never going to happen, especially here in the UK. But I asked Andy of Esoteric if he was willing to play drums for us at the Belgian Doom Night and fortunately he said yes... Andy and I have talked at great length about Moss and he is
willing to record and go the distance with us, so at the moment I am quite exited about going into the next phase of the band, which will surely be sicker and more extreme than ever before.

Which inspirational sources have you and the other Moss members used for the creation of songs?

Personally speaking my inspirations stem from many things - art, literature, nature, music, and also some of the fucking shit that I have gone through during my short life.. everyone goes through a certain degree of pain and misery, some of us more than others, so our
life experiences are definitely an inspiration in Moss, but as I stated earlier, Moss does not offer any kind of solution or ease to these problems - it is more like an extension of them. As for literature, I enjoy the grim works of HP Lovecraft (what doomster doesn't?), and I do take influence from the way that he portrays man - man is utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and is merely a play-thing for the Gods... Musically, I take inspiration from bands such as Thergothon, Worship and Burning Witch, although I don't think that
they have any real influence on the way we sound, but are certainly an inspiration. Dom doesn't listen to doom metal 24 hours a day like I do, so his guitar sound was wholly created without any real outside influences... I am not too sure what he is inspired by, actually. I don't really care, just as long as it's something sick and dark, cos if he starts getting inspired by shit like niceness and love then Moss is
truely fucked!!!

Which lyrical themes has Moss used?

Moss lyrics are quite abstract, and deal with general negativity in its many forms. I don't want to go too much in depth..

What is a Gimp Funeral? I only know it should be something dreadful. J

Hahaha.. yes, you are right. Do you know what a 'gimp' is? If not, then find out... and then imagine what a funeral for such a person would be like... Although the lyrics to this track have little to do with the song title I just thought that it would suit the sick, torturous feeling of the song.. and it is a bit of black humour for all the perverts out there.

Which releases are planned for the future?

We have a split 3" planned with our Dutch extreme doom brethen, Bunkur. I've been in contact with Manuel Bunkur for a while now, so sharing a disc with them is going to be killer. We were bound to do something together sooner or later! We are both doing coversongs
for this release - Moss is covering SWANS, and Bunkur is covering Type O Negative. It will be very interesting seeing how our songs turn out, I think. We also have a split 12" LP planned with Her Name Is Death, which will include one long track on each side- this one is not for fucking doomwimps! Sam of Slowmo Music will be releasing a compilation of doom that will include an unreleased track from 2002
which is a totally grim ambient soundscape recorded by Dom and myself. We also hope to have a full-length album out this year, but it is just talk at the moment.

Could you give some of your favorite doom bands?

Thergothon is undoubtbly my favourite doom band, they were just one of the sickest, most extreme bands ever recorded. Also Worship - their doom was fucking insane, truely fucked up. Of the more recent doom acts Nortt's 'Gudsforladt' is getting a lot of play on my stereo, which is one of the blackest and grimnest doom I have ever heard. Also listening to Until Death Overtakes Me's 'Funeral Path'
quite a bit, as well as the classics such as Saint Vitus, Necro Schizma, Esoteric, Winter, Candlemass, Earth, Pentagram, Skepticism, Burning Witch, Unholy,Hellhammer... doom is what I listen to most of the time, and if I'm not listening to doom then I'm usually playing something else dark and doomy, like some dark ambient or post-punk. I'm constantly listening to dark music.

There are some splendid doom gigs where Moss will be able spread its
ugliness. How are you looking towards these happenings?

Well obviously Belgium is the big show - it's our first time with Andy on the drums, and our first gig since the show in December in London with Esoteric, so I'm really looking forward to it. Can't wait to crush some skulls with some sickened ultra-doom in Gent!! Seeing the other bands on Saturday will be great, especially While Heaven Wept as they are the only band
on Saturday I haven't seen before. As for the Friday I'm only really going to check out Bunkur and Penance. I'm hoping to talk some shit with some of the people I've corresponded with in the last year or so, and getting really really fucked up... hahahaha..

How do you think the doom scene has changed recently and is this a good or a
bad thing?

Well, from what I know of doom history the scene is a lot better now than it was 10 years ago... the internet has really opened things for doom up - there are more doom bands and doom fans now then there were 10 or even 5 years ago, and a lot more opportunities
and resources for bands and doom labels, but it still remains a deeply underground and diverse genre. Doom does seem to be bigger in recent years than it was previously, and more projects and bands are starting - the amount of funeral doom bands that have popped up from nowhere in the last two years has been outstanding, considering that before no one could really agree what funeral doom actually was, and only a very small handful of bands were playing in that style... I think it is a good thing with all these new doom bands (and Moss is one of these of course), as it keeps the scene fresh..but of course, scenes can stagnate and run out of ideas due to overcrowding. But I think that doom is far too diverse for this to happen - there are so many different styles under the 'doom' label that I think it is one of the few musical genres that never gets boring... to these ears at least, anyway.

You have started up a label recently: Buried and Forgotten Productions. Could you give information as to what kind of music you aim for with this label?

Buried & Forgotten was started purely out of boredom. I want to state that the name of it was taken from my favourite Hellhammer song, 'Buried & Forgotten'. The label is more or less my tribute to Max Varnier's Impaler Of Trendies Productions and other DIY bedroom labels over the world. I plan to release music that I enjoy, which could be anything from extreme doom to primitive death...

There is a cassette compilation planned for release. Could you give more
information about it?

The first release, called 'Skeletal Remains Volume 1', is set for release at the end of summer and will be limited to 150 cassettes. It will include tracks by Torture Wheel, Funeralium, Old Hag, on the eve of Aral, Nothing At All, Edge Of Darkness, Solicide and Funerary Dirge.. a lot of the tracks are exclusive and previously unreleased anywhere before, such as the Torture Wheel track, and it really is a fucking honour to have all the bands/projects involved. I can't wait to get this one unleashed, then I can start on compiling volume 2!

You have started another project recently called Graveyard. What's the idea behind this project and what do you want to accomplish with this project?

The only thing that I hope to accomplish with Graveyard is the holocaust! This will be doom to kill people, believe me... the whole world shall become a mass grave...

Visit the Moss bandpage.

Interviewed on 2004-05-04 by Lawrece van Haecke.
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