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Our main source of inspiration is life in general and experiences we've all passed during the years.

Interview with Desire.

Greetings Flame. How are you and Desire doing?

"Greetings friend... I'm doing fine at the moment and the same happens to the rest of Desire members, which are all very pleased to get interviewed by the 'godly' Doom-Metal.com site, which is quite an honor for us..."

After releasing three full length albums, Desire is still relatively unknown. Could you give some background information about the band and describe the music?

"I guess you're right, we're still an underground band (but with proud!), mainly because of the bad work in terms of promotion and distribution of our previous releases.
Me and Tear (singer) started the band in 1992, under the name of Incarnated. In October 1993 we recorded the promo-track "Death Blessed By A God". Meanwhile around 1994 we decided to change the band's name into Desire and in the same year we recorded 2 new tracks in "Advance Tape" format, which led us to sign with Portuguese label Skyfall Records. In middle 1996, our debut album "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through an Emotional Dream" was released and we got some exposure mainly in Portugal where we were the first band introducing that kind of peculiar sound. Two years later they've released "Pentacrow" our MCD and after that period we experienced some major difficulties in terms of constant line-up changes which delayed the process of writing new material for a forthcoming album. All these events gathered with the broke of our deal with Skyfall, due their bad work in our previous releases delayed a lot everything concerned with the new album. Finally in May 2003 "Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul", comes to darkness, been self released by Desire.
Concerning our sound, I can say Desire plays emotional, deep and heartfelt metal music for sorrowful and tragic souls which co-habit our world..."

Which bands have influenced Desire most of all?

"I don't think we are inspired by any bands in particular. Our main source of inspiration is life in general and experiences we've all passed during the years."


One of the main trademarks of Desire's music - imo - is the theatrical and bombastic value of the songs. How has this characteristic grown in existence?

"That's quite a compliment. Thank you! We just try to combine the feelings that grow inside each one of us and allied to the power and melody we intent to put in each song, becomes into our 'trademark'. Each song we write must transmit a perfect atmosphere that we can all be very identified with..."


All the band members use nicknames. I was wondering why the band has opted to do this and whether there's a relation with the band name.

"Using nicknames is a part of the entire role. We choose to use 'different' nicknames in order to transmit a personality that grown inside of each one of us, and which our baptism names cannot reflect. All this allied to the environment we try to create within our songs, can possibly transmit an ambiance and a peculiar characteristic, also becoming a part of that 'trademark' you mentioned..."

I happen to have read "Lolita" from Vladimir Nabokov recently. As such, I have discovered that the first line of this novel have influenced the lyrics of one of the songs of the last album. Do you often use literature as source of inspiration?

"As a matter fact, we just saw the movie and we were searching for a sentence to include in one of our songs, and when we saw and hear that sentence, we thought it will fit in perfection. So, I guess in this case, we were not inspired by literature but mainly for the movie. Anyway, we use literature as source of inspiration, but more in the case of ancient Portuguese literature, like we will talk further on."

Are there other sources of inspiration for the lyrics?

"Apart from our own inspiration, our life in general that surround us, we are also inspired by literature, mainly for ancient Portuguese writers, which adopted their own experiences to writing and which we felt deeply identified with."


Desire also uses vocal samples sometimes. Are these taken from movies?

"For "Locus Horrendus" we used several movie samples, since we thought, been a conceptual album, the development of our previous ones in terms of lyrical work, we opted for something different, that may led the listeners to be surrounded by the entire atmosphere, like if the listener is reading a book or watching a movie, and some used samples, helped the entire ambiance of the album, making even strong the message we intent to transmit..."


Just like Moonspell you refer to a Portuguese poet, namely Fernando Pessoa. Could you tell something about this poet and why he inspires you?

"Fernando Pessoa, in terms of poetry, is our main inspiration. We feel very identified with his writing and thoughts, which we think suits perfectly in our misanthropic and tragic world. That's why we always used some excerpts of his poetry in our works as a kind of 'warning', connected to the main theme, portrayed on each album."

On "Pentacrow" there's a splendid and original cover of the Candlemass song "Solitude". How did the idea grow for Desire to cover this song?

"We are big Candlemass fans (mainly me and Tear) and their first album was something bombastic for us. We decided to cover "Solitude", paying tribute to the band (at that time their reunion was nothing but a dream...) and also because the lyrics of the song are deeply connected to Desire's world..."


Skyfall has released Desire's first two albums, but didn't release "Locus Horrendus". Why hasn't Skyfall done so?

"Like I described earlier, the label failed in terms of promotion and distribution of our first releases and we decided to jump out, because we were also watching they will end sooner or later... It was a wise attitude since some months later, they've ended their activities... "


Will you seek a label for the coming album or will you release it on your own again?

"Self release another album, is at the moment, almost out of question, since we 'suffered' a lot to see "Locus Horrendus" released. We carried all the costs by ourselves and at the moment, we expect to achieve a good record deal in order to release our forthcoming album. Since we're now working with Management, Promotion and Booking Agency Haradebaran from Belgium, we are now getting more attention from the media all over the world and that maybe will awake the appetite of some labels for Desire. Let's hope so."

Desire has been able to tour with Evoken recently. How was that tour?

"Oh man, it was awesome! It was quite an experience to share the stage with such legends as Evoken are. We had the chance to play our first tour in Europe ever and the experience was fantastic since we played to large crowds and had the chance to spread our name around. Watching from the reactions, I guess it was a successful tour not only for the comradeship with all the bands but also to get Desire exposed to European fans which tasted quite good and increased the idea that we had that there's plenty of audience in Europe for our style of music. Probably we'll tour Europe again in the next Spring, so watch out for Desire live once again."


I must say, I was positively surprised by the very open comradeship between the bands at the last show in Ghent.

"It was superb. That gig at The Frontline, it was the ultimate ecstasy in terms of friendship!!! We ended the tour with the feeling that we've won some real new friends, not only with Evoken and Officium Triste members, but also with some true supporters that helped us a lot during our staying in Europe. That's the Metal spirit, helping each others out, being in the front row banging our heads and hanging around every night!"

I've seen you play at the Baroeg in Rotterdam (DDDII) and at the Frontline in Ghent. Both of the times Desire played an impressing set. One of the surprises was an inspiring new song, namely "Funeral Doomentia". This song shows a new side of songwriting for Desire, because of the straightforwardness that the song possesses. Is this song representative for the coming album?

"Comments like yours, just made us very confident for the development we are trying to do. "Funeral Doomentia" was a new song the we decided to include on our European set, to see how it works live, and the reactions to the new track were tremendous. I guess we adopted a new structure to this song, resulting in a powerful 'in your face' song. I don't know if it can be considered representative of the forthcoming material, since we'll surely include also the dramatic and mournful side of the band in the new songs for sure, but at least, I think it was a good start to 'open the appetite' for all those into Desire and for what will come next."


Could you give information about the coming album?

"Not much, I'm afraid. Like someone once said "Desire is a band to produce in quality and not in quantity" and I agree with that... I don't know how long it will take until we hit the studio again, since we are depending from a label deal. We're writing the new material for the forthcoming album. About 3 songs are almost ready, and like the traditional doom style, we are damn slow when we are composing new stuff (laughs). One thing is for sure, it will be typical Desire stylish, introducing some new elements and new developments into our music. Be sure that evolution doesn't mean necessarily a change!"


Which bands get played a lot by the Desire band members these days ?

"A lot I guess. We are all very open minded in terms of hearing music. Good music will always be good music, whatever the style it is concerned... From Dimmu Borgir to Circle Of Dead Children, from Opeth to Satyricon, from King Diamond to Disavowed, we listen a bit from everything."


What is your view upon the current doom scene ?
"Is getting quite stronger these days. We felt that in our recent European experience. The movement is alive and kicking and sites like Doom-Metal.com are taking it to high levels of exposure among the true doomsters. Keep the good work!"


I wish Desire the best possible future. Thanks for answering my questions. The last words are yours:

"We thank you for the chance to be featured in Doom-Metal.com, which already helped us a lot in terms of promotion and reckoning among the doom supporters. I also hope this interview can continue spreading the word, name, music and image of Desire worldwide.
Best wishes to Doom-Metal.com staff and keep doing the excellent work done so far.


All the ones which felt identified with my words are more than invited to write down a few words to us, and for that you can use one of the following methods:

Desire, c/o Flame, P.O.Box 21.380, 1132-001 Lisboa, Portugal
For management, booking and promotion, please contact:
HARDEBARAN, c/o Fae Nicolas, Vossekoten 34, B-3090 Overijse, BELGIUM

"Locus Horrendus" available for 13 euros / $15 USD
"Pentacrow" available for 11 euros / $13 USD
"Infinity..." already out of print"

Visit the Desire bandpage.

Interviewed on 2003-12-07 by Lawrece van Haecke.
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