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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Formed in 2011 in Birmingham by Paul Kenney (Fukpig, ex-Mistress), Kroh split in 2013 but subsequently reformed in its current female-front...
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Has to be Black Sabbath, "Black Sabbath". If it wasn't for this album, we would not be around

Interview with The Mighty Nimbus.
To begin, please give us a brief rundown of how The Mighty Nimbus came to be.

"This was a band that I wanted to start as a side project of Sixty Watt Shaman.  I had all this guitar gear and was writing songs that just were too doomy for Shaman.  Instead of playing drums, I wanted to play guitar in this band.  So I asked my little brothet Big Andy if he wanted to play drums and my boy Dinis on bass.  My first choice for vocal duties was Dan of Sixty Watt.  So we jammed as a 3 piece for a while and wrote songs.
On the last SWS tour, we were out with Alabama Thunderpussy.  Erik Larson and myself just hit it off right away, so I showed him the demos we had done and asked him if he wanted to come and do some vocals also.  We ended up having him come and play guitar with me.  The rest is history!"

What are some of your influences (musical, or otherwise), and how do they help shape your sound?

"For this band, my influences are my dear friend Wino.  Anything he has done.  Also my buddy Kirk from Crowbar.  The man writes riffs that can't be topped.  I also think I have my own little sound and style going on.  But thats just me...haha"

You recently signed a deal with Entombed's Threeman Recordings.  How did you hook up with them?

"Yes we did.  Once all of the guys came to do the demo stuff, it was time to start shopping it to labels.  We got alot of positive responces from all types of labels.  When I got the e-mail from Threeman, I shit myself.  Everyone in this band grew up on Entombed so the decision was easy.  How could you not like Entombed as your boss... haha"

The Mighty Nimbus could certainly fit into many genres (doom metal, sludge, stoner rock, etc).  Which genre would you say the band is most comfortable being identified with?

"It's a compliment that we are put into so many different genres.  We definitely have parts in all of them.  To me, we are Doomy Heavy Metal."

You guys have a _great_ heavy/fuzzy guitar sound.  Care to give away any hints for the guitarists out there on how to obtain "The Mighty Nimbus sound"?

"Thank you.  Basicly there is no hints.  I run a 68' Gibson SG prototype model threw a Peavy 5150.  Nothing fancy, strait off the head.  I would say use a tube amp and play on your back pick up.  It's all soul."

So how does the band approach songwriting? ...is it all done mainly by one person, or does everybody contribute?

"I write the bulk of the music.  The bass player Dinis writes a few as well.  We just show up to practice and bounce riffs of each other and the song is born.  Then it's up to Dan to bring them to life."

Seeing as how everyone in The Mighty Nimbus is/was from other bands, is it hard to find time for TMN?

"Also everyone lives in different states..haha.  We all have been to the prom before so to speak.  So it's not too hard.  Dinis, Big Andy and myself record the demo stuff and mail it off to Erik to learn and Dan to write lyrics.  It's challenging, but thats what makes it fun."

The three albums that should be in any doom fan's collection... what, in your opinion, are they, and why?

"Has to be Black Sabbath, "Black Sabbath".  If it wasn't for this album, we would not be around.  The Obsessed, "The Church Within".  This album is a fuckin` masterpiece, nuff said.  This next one is not really doom but Crowbar, "Odd Fellows Rest".  This album changed my outlook on music.  They are the heaviest band in the world.... bar none!!!"

What sort of plans, if any, do you have for live gigs? ...who would you like to go on tour with, and where?

"We havn't played live yet.  Our plans are to tour Europe in February.  Looking forward to that.  I would love to play with Grand Magus.  JB is a sweet man and his band rules."

What does the future hold for The Mighty Nimbus?

"Right now our plans are to record this album and blow up some fuckin` heads.  Then tour like crazy."

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview.  Any "in"famous last words?

"Thank you.  It has been my pleasure to do this.  Thank you and everyone that is supporting The Mighty Nimbus and the whole underground scene.  Please check out Church Of Doom Recordings
www.churchofdoom.net. It's an all doom label my brother Gypsy and myself started.  Please visit TMN on the web at www.themightynimbus.com come talk on our official forum and spread the word!!!!  IN DOOM!!!!

Visit the The Mighty Nimbus bandpage.

Interviewed on 2003-11-05 by Matt Zuchowski.
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