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We must not forget there are many doom bands out there who never got to release their music or released one album and then disbanded. Just hope that typical doom symptom will not repeat itself in our case.

Interview with The Knell.
The Knell is a young upcoming Doom-metal band from Israel and was actually the first band ever to be featured on the now disfunct "new talent section" of Doom-metal.com. Late at night while talking to Alec on ICQ, I decided it might be a nice idea to do a short interview with them. As such I later talked to both Alec and Adam of the band.

Hi and thank you for doing this interview. First off all The Knell is still not that well known in the general doomy public. Could you perhaps give us a description of your band and short history?

"We are a 5 piece band that is currently based in Israel. The band was formed in late 1998. The idea was to play death/doom metal the way we like it. The music has changed though, from a somewhat romantic variant of doom, to a darker version of death/doom metal. The lyrical concepts are very personal and intimate, and as for the music concerned, we try to generate an atmosphere of despair, beauty, hatred, gloom, and the various other issues that are concerning the typical doomster. Sadly, we were on hold for too much time since the band was formed, because many musicians joined and departed right after."

As I understand it you actually found some members through being listed on Doom-metal.com?

"Aye, that is correct. We received an email from a doom metal fan who lives in Israel. That very person who found us through doom-metal.com was later to become our bass player, and helped us find another 2 members that completed the lineup. So, we thank doom-metal.com for helping us form the Knell :)"

It's just very rewarding to know we actually helped! Now you don't often hear about Doom bands from Israel. The only other band I know is Substance for God and perhaps the slightly doomy Orphaned Land. Is there any doom scene in Israel?

"There are quite few doom bands here nowadays, if even. The metal scene in Israel is quite weak as it is. Many young bands began as doom, but harsh reality made them play faster, or lose touch with metal. I am not one hundred percent sure who and why, but some members of Substance For God are doing trance music now. Perhaps Salem, one of the oldest bands around, can be described as doom."

So there are no problems with playing doom-metal, or metal in general, such a religious country? Are the main cities pretty liberal as I have once heard?

"Well, the religious community in Israel is somewhat isolated from our lives. Therefore, the kind of interaction we may have with religious people is the same as in any country. They do not interfere in our lives and don't object at anything we do in a practical manner, as a result. Of course, if we will start playing doom metal in the streets of Jerusalem, they will probably arrange a nice protest. But that's not likely to happen soon, unless we will be in an highly provoking mood."

How does the songwriting work? Is it a band effort, or?

"Right now we are all equally participating in composing process. Everything goes from jamming to recording at home raw ideas. The main phase is in the rehearsal room, though."

When listening to your material it reminds me a bit of the early nineties death/doom bands like Anathema or My Dying Bride. What are your main influences?

"Our most obvious influence is My Dying Bride's early-mid period and it affected a lot of our primal material together with acts like Saturnus and Funeral. Our newer material is also influenced by acts such as Skepticism, Unholy, Burzum, and various other acts. We also expect our future material to be also influenced by non-metal music and to be more reflective of what we like, yet to remain in the vein of doom metal."

Do you ever play live and if so how is that going?

"Actually, we haven't performed live yet, but we are looking forward doing so. Our problem is that there are hardly any doom metal fans in Israel and local gigs are pretty much out of the question as for now. The mentality of people here doesn't include patience, which makes slow music unlistenable to them."

So far you have only released demo's. Are there any plans for a full-length album?

"Well, of course, there are plans for a full-length record. Most of the new material is ready and requires Only some last minor touches. Hopefully, it will be released soon."

And your general view of the future of The Knell?

"We hope to release at least a couple of albums before we all dissolve into nihil. We would also love to perform live around, as well as help to define some new aspects in the genre of doom metal. Sounds a bit portentous, but we are used to disappointments. We must not forget there are many doom bands out there who never got to release their music or released one album and then disbanded. Just hope that typical doom symptom will not repeat itself in our case."

Running out of questions I would like to thank you for the interview unless you still have something you wish to add?

"Firstly, We would like to thank you and the staff of Doom-metal.com for your support to the doom metal scene. Best regards and wishes to bands that are keeping music we love alive. Also thank you all doom metal fans for not being those annoying human beings and for paying money for this crazy thing called doom metal. If any of you comes to Israel soon, contact us and we'll be "happy" to throw a personal concert for you, hehe :)"

And thank you for the kind words about us :)

Visit the The Knell bandpage.

Interviewed on 2001-10-23 by Aldo.
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