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basically we are in the wrong country, playing the wrong style

Interview with Avernus.
Rick McCoy Recently American underground Doomsters Avernus announced that they would be taking a long break from the scene. Frustrated by the anti-doom climate, haunted by personal problems, we caught up with Rick McCoy to talk about why Avernus has been put on non-active and about his plans for the future.

You have recently announced that Avernus will go “on holiday” for some time. Can you tell us what let to this decision?

"The fact that some members have other things going on in their life that needs time that cannot be afforded to the band, plus the fact labels seem to look at us as 'has beens' doesn't help."

Do you have any idea when Avernus will get back from holiday? Some fans already seem to fear you might brake up for good.

"The band is not broken up, but right now taking a break is the only way to deal with the factors that have plagued the band to take a break, if that makes any sense. Jimmy and I are still into the ideals that created the band in the first place. I personally welcome this change, there are things in my life that call for something more aggressive, an element not always found in doom metal. I've been hurt, and need some form of escapism that amplifies all these negative emotions I fucking have to deal with now, and doom is not the forum I need to express myself at this point in time. Something that express the anger I feel would not be correctly visualised with Avernus, when I heal from this affliction, Avernus will be the better for it, a lot of love and passion goes into an Avernus song, not hateful aggression like I feel now. If Jimmy and I have to find new members so be it, it ain't over 'til I say so anyway, hehe."

As I understand during this holiday there will be another band or project you and other Avernus members will be focusing on. Can you tell us a bit about that?

"Well, if jimmy's other band is not too busy we hope to put out some metal in the form of early 90's swedish metal, I don't mean any of this gothenburg stuff, I mean the older shit like old entombed, dismember, carnage and just something dark and aggressive. I will not be writing any music for it, but I plan to use this as a pedastal for what I'm feeling now, change is in order and for me to go back into Avernus properly, I need to just let go and something fun, and it also reflects where my heart lies for metal, I'd rather do any early 90's band sometimes than any of this non-stop blasting shit that is so prevalent in America. Not to say anything negative about it, but while I do love doom, I also have a love for this style, I'm not 100% doom all the time, I'm a music fan first and foremost, and it feels right to do this, what else can I say?"

Avernus seems to have real problems getting signed, it obviously is not the quality of the material, what are your thoughts on this?

"Members have left for this reason, basically we are in the wrong country, playing the wrong style for labels to give a shit, and well, that's too bad, fuck 'em, doom is not easy listening, it takes patience and a real passion for it, and I feel we have the goods, but we can't force anyone to care."

That must be very frustrating?

"Yeah, but I'm used to being fucked with, after a while you just become jaded towards everything."

Have you ever thought of releasing albums under own production?

"Yeah, but at this point, we just can't do it, the money is not there, I do think about it though, maybe one day, but for now, what is happening is out of our hands in a way, but don't us out."

If you look back at your debut album, do you think that in a sense this album has hurt your “credibility” given that so many fans disliked it?

"Yeah, we lost of fans from that album, but we thought we were doing the right thing, and the fact fans now still won't give us a chance, oh well, they're missing some good music, but I'm not gonna beg them to give us another chance, I'm sick of that shit."

Why did you choose to return to your older “Sadness”-days sound?

"We felt that the only way we could truly express the way we were/are feeling wasn't with some crappy gothy shit we were peddling, but with what made us strong in the first place, the things found on the sadness demo, we felt it was right in our hearts, and like always we follow what we feel, outside opinion means nothing to us, sorry, hehe. I like screaming my head off and those songs represent an element we never should of lost."

I think those are all the questions I have, let me say I hope that Avernus will return with a vengeance. If you have anything more to add, please feel free too.

"Thanks for this interview, we appreciate everyone who cares about the band, we hope to be back, but when I CAN'T SAY, time will tell, but when we come back, we plan on bringing a plague with us! To all friends on the doom-metal.com forum take care, if I don't die before then, you all rule."

Visit the Avernus bandpage.

Interviewed on 2002-04-15 by Aldo.
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