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We wanted a more Rock sound, and I think we did pretty well!

Interview with Left Hand Solution.
Mariana Holmberg Swedish outfit Left Hand Solution are celebrating their 10th anniversary and enjoying a great deal of success with their last effort 'Light Shines Black'. We talked to their vocalist Mariana about everything that has been happening to the band recently.

Your last album 'Light shines black' has been out for a while now. Can you tell me a little about the response it has got?

"It's been quite good actually, especially from Germany but also in Sweden and a few other countries. I think that we reached out to a wider audience than we did with 'Fevered'."

How come there was such a long break in between 'Fevered' and 'Light shines Black'? I know some fans had even started fearing LHS had stopped existing.

"Well, first there was a change of guitarist which of course mattered a big deal. We had to find someone else and wanted it to be someone that we all knew. But there was never any doubt about continuing with the band. And when Janne joined the band it felt like a fresh start."

'Light Shines Black' holds a few songs that absolutely took me by surprise. Incl. some more electronic sounds and even one song that absolutely reminded me of Black Sabbath. How did the album come about?

"I think that one of the reasons is that every member of the band has his or her own influences. At 'Fevered' Erik, the drummer, wrote most of the songs and on LSB we were all in it together in a different way. We wanted a more Rock sound, and I think we did pretty well! And the electronic sounds was something we tried out in the studio and thought it sounded really nice! so... We got a lot of help from our producer Thomas, and I think he came with a lot of good suggestions."

Talking about a more rock sound; one song that really stands out is the 'missionary man' cover. It really seems like an odd track to cover, what made you choose it (and also release it as a single)?

"It was my idea. I was in fact listening a lot to Eurythmics at the time, and I thought that this was a song that I really wanted to do in a different way with the band. It's a great song and I think it's more interesting to do a cover by a band that plays another kind of music, to see if you can find anything "more" with the track than what you're used to hear."

You also did a video clip for 'Missionary Man', was this your first video clip and was it fun to make?

"Yes, this was our first video and yes, it was fun!!! But also hot. We made it in the summertime and it was really warm so we had to redo our makeup every 10th minute or so. And a strange feeling to sing to a camera and not an audience. But I really look forward to do a new video maybe to our next album."

As I understand it you are also playing some gigs in the US now. You don't often hear about European metal bands going to the US. How did  this come about?

"There was a swedish company who sent eleven Swedish bands on this tour. First there was New York; CBGB's. Great place! You can really feel the rock in every corner! Then we went to Montreal and played at a TV-show called Music Plus. This was different, cameras everywhere. And the last gig was in Austin at the SXSW festival, where all the bands were playing at different pubs. This was probably most fun with the hole trip. Nice summer weather and lots of nice and happy people!!"

There has been some talk about re-releasing the debut album 'Shadowdance' as a 10th year anniversary celebration. Any news on this?

"Our label is working on it right now, don't have any release-date yet but it's in  the near future. On the CD there will also be a couple of unreleased songs from the same lineup as they were then."

Are you planning anything else to celebrate 10 years of existence?

"Maybe, we haven't talked about it much, but anything's possible! A big party perhaps!! Any suggestions?"

A new release would always be welcome of course! ;) Will we have to wait another really long time for the next album or do you already have plans for this?

"You don't have to wait as long this time, at least that's not what we're planning!! But it's definately sometime after the new release of 'Shadowdance'. Then we'll see..."

I'm all out of questions, if you would still like to add something, please feel free to do so now.

"Thank you! All the best!"

Visit the Left Hand Solution bandpage.

Interviewed on 2002-04-15 by Aldo.
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