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Chilean/European Epic band Procession rock out in style on their third full-length: one of 2017's finest albums.
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An international project, Killed In Public is a somewhat experimental collaboration between two veteran musicians identified simply as Brady (vocals/bass...
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2018-01-31 : Interview with Hamfer­
With the release of sophomore full-length 'Tßmsins likam' this month, Comrade Aleks went in search of Faroese band Hamfer­ to get the story on it.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Morgion
20 years on from the release of their seminal 'Among Majestic Ruins', Comrade Aleks talks to founder member Jeremy Peto about the history of Morgion.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Fašade
Last year's debut full-length from Fašade intrigued Comrade Aleks, so he chased up vocalist Ben and bassist Pim to have a more in-depth chat about the band.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Mournspire
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Ironic Punishment Division
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Decomposed (Canada)
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-09 : Interview with Monolithe
Comrade Aleks talks to band founder Sylvain BÚgot about Monolithe's history, plans, and the forthcoming new album 'Nebula Septem'...
2017-12-26 : Interview with Esoteric
The unexpected news that Esoteric have finally decided to re-release the long-unavailable 1993 demo meant that we felt we should have an in-depth chat with Greg about its significance to the band...
2017-12-25 : Interview with As Autumn Calls
Ontario band As Autumn Calls have just released an EP, their first venture since 2013's 'Cold, Black & Everlasting'. Comrade Aleks took the opportunity to catch up with them.
2017-12-25 : Interview with Lorelei
Comrade Aleks talks to band founder Alexey Ignatovich about Lorelei's history and direction, and the distinctions between Death/Doom and Gothic Doom...
2017-12-25 : Interview with Calliophis
After Calliophis reformed in 2015, they produced the 2017 sophomore album 'Cor Serpentis. Not groundbreaking, but well-executed, Comrade Aleks liked it enough to go in search of the band.
2017-12-25 : Interview with Ophis
This year's offering from Hamburg's Ophis, 'The Dismal Circle' continues their uncompromising Death/Doom journey. Comrade Aleks talks in depth with founder Philipp Kruppa about that.
2017-12-18 : Interview with Monads
The release of Monads's debut album seemed like an ideal time to have an in-depth talk with founder H. Cools about the band...
2017-12-10 : Interview with Nest
Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-10 : Interview with High Reeper
Quick introductory interview.

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