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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Trees of Eternity are an international super group featuring members of Swallow the Sun, Wintersun, and October Tide. Their style co...
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2016-08-10 : Interview with Blizaro
"This brief conversation with John Gallo, master of paranormal Doom rock, will reveal the secrets of Blizaro."
2016-08-10 : Interview with Hound
"This psychedelic Stoner Doom band was born in Rome about a year ago...Their self-released debut 'Kong' didn't leave my player for months, so this interview is something that I just had to do."
2016-08-10 : Interview with Monasterium
"...now my holy mission is to find the truth that lies beyond the gates of Monasterium: follow me to sancta sanctorum!"
2016-08-01 : Interview with Esoteric
"...I used this as an opportunity to delve deep into the back-story of 'The Pernicious Enigma' and the process of remixing...for anybody interested in the creative and technical process involved in making a record."
2016-08-01 : Interview with Aesthetic Death (Record Label)
"...I decided to catch up with owner/operator Stu, who I have known for many years, to get his views on 'The Pernicious Enigma' vinyl remix, and on running a truly underground label in 2016."
2016-07-26 : Interview with Doomcult
Quick introductory interview.
2016-07-16 : Interview with Void King
"Void King, from Indianapolis, just released their first full-length album. It's angry, heavy and powerful doom...good enough to look more deeply into its background, so I got in touch with the band…"
2016-07-16 : Interview with R.I.P.
"...R.I.P. bring authentic Doom/Rock material...built on the legacy of Pentagram and Saint Vitus, but developed to coherently form their own style. Fuzz is the man who willingly answered all of my questions, and we achieved excellent results!"
2016-07-11 : Interview with Subterranean Disposition
"It took some time for Subterranean Disposition's sophomore album 'Contagiuum And The Landscapes Of Failure' to materialise...now seemed like a perfect time to catch up with what's been happening in the meantime."
2016-07-05 : Interview with Flesh Of The Stars
"Fresh and obscure pre-apocalyptic band Flesh of the Stars appeared in Chicago just a year ago. This is my favourite kind of interview – almost the whole band is here to answer. Let me introduce you..."
2016-07-03 : Interview with P˙lon
"This Swiss Traditional Doom metal outfit has been in business since 2002. We did this interview with band founder Matt Brand (vocals, guitars), spoke about the new release and did a retrospective overview of their discography as well."
2016-07-03 : Interview with Archarus
"Doom, Stoner, Heavy metal and even some elements of Thrash are blended in this record, but I'm sure that Drew will help us to puzzle out what we need to know about the band."
2016-06-27 : Interview with Mephistofeles
"Just one year ago, no one knew about Mephistofeles, as the trio had just one demo, but 2016 was a very productive year for the band...If you like lo-fi Doom with good riffs and big fuzz, then come and taste this one."
2016-06-27 : Interview with Sorcerer
"Sorcerer split up in 1992, arose from the ashes in 2010 and created the first full-length album of their whole career...what will come next? Anders Engberg, original vocalist of Sorcerer, has the answer."
2016-06-20 : Interview with Conjurer
Quick introductory interview.

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