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Stijn van Cauter returns with a perfect package of cosmically-influenced Ambient Funeral Doom.
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Eterne offered up two albums in the mid-1990s which provided one of the first genuine bridges between Gothic Rock/Post-Punk and Doom. Though unrecognisab...
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2019-02-25 : Interview with Famyne
Eclectic Trad/Epic band Famyne give us some depth and detail on their recently-released debut album and how the band arrived at it.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Flesh Temple
Quick introductory interview.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Wartime
Comrade Aleks goes in search of Colombian Doom, and finds it in the shape of Wartime. Founder Alejandro fills in the band's history and motives.
2019-02-25 : Interview with The River
With a new album on the way, and a replacement female vocalist for their signature sound, Comrade Aleks talks to founder Christian about Croydon's The River.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Quercus
As Quercus' new album 'Verferum' arrives, Comrade Aleks talks to the Czech band about their last few releases, and how their unique sound has evolved of late.
2019-02-25 : Interview with The Eternal
As Australia's The Eternal offer up their doomiest album yet under that moniker, Mark Kelson tells Comrade Aleks about their story, and that of the preceding Cryptal Darkness.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Bitterdusk
Comrade Aleks talks to Chilean band Bitterdusk about their lengthy career, and how it's evolved from pure Death/Doom to more experimental approaches. Co-founder Fabián Alvarado fills in the blanks.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Evangelist
Secretive Polish Epic/Trad band Evangelist like to remain anonymous and let their music speak for them. Comrade Aleks puts that in the context of latest release 'Deus Vult'.
2019-02-16 : Interview with Sidetrack Walker
If you're curious as to why a band labelling itself 'Underdog Pop for the faint of heart' should appear on these pages, the answers are in this interview with band founder and doom-metal.com staffer Dominik.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Imago Mortis
You never stop learning, as Comrade Aleks found while discovering Imago Mortis through their latest album 'LSD'. Vocalist Alex and drummer Felipe fill him in with some more detail.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Gods Tower
Dating back to 1992, Belarusian Pagan/Folk/Doom outfit disbanded for most of the '00s. Comrade Aleks talks to co-founder, vocalist Lesley Knife, about the band's history and future.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Hadron
Quick introductory interview.
2019-01-22 : Interview with Godes Yrre
Cuban-turned-Swiss solo project Godes Yrre has far more of a history than its demo plus two albums back catalogue might suggest. Founder Abel Oliva was kind enough to give us all the details in this detailed interview...
2019-01-03 : Interview with Rise And Shine
Swedish Doomsters Rise And Shine have been rocking their female-fronted "flowerpowermetal" Trad sound since 1993 - here, Comrade Aleks takes a dive into their lengthy history with founders Joakim and Josabeth.
2019-01-03 : Interview with Comatose Vigil A.K.
Comatose Vigil is no more, but co-founder A.K. iEzor decided to continue the concept with this semi-resurrection. Comrade Aleks talks to him about what it's all about...

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