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Canada's Altars Of Grief deliver an excellent immersive and cruelly emotional Black/Doom sophomore.
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Full of dark Satan'n'dope-inspired vibes, Hypnochron hail from Chicago. From the limited material so far released, the trio produce fuzzy, dist...
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2018-05-15 : Interview with Wolfshead
Comrade Aleks talks to half of Finnish Doom/Metal outfit Wolfshead about their 2017 debut full-length, and - as a bonus - gets to find out a little more about guitarist Ari's other project Deep River Acolytes.
2018-05-06 : Interview with Witchsorrow
"With new release 'Hexenhammer' just a few short weeks away, and the band just a handful of miles distant, it was the perfect opportunity to meet up with Witchsorrow for an extended (and extensive) chat about that and much more."
2018-04-29 : Interview with On Thorns I Lay
Having trodden a fairly tortuous route from Death Metal beginnings through Gothic/Death/Doom to Gothic Metal, Greek band On Thorns I Lay returned from hiatus in 2014 with a more classic Death/Doom sound - Comrade Aleks unearths more details from co-founder Christos.
2018-04-24 : Interview with Nevertanezra
With the new EP 'Bastard Of Prometheus' marking a return to solo work and a shift towards Funeral Doom, it seemed like the ideal time to catch up with Nevertanezra and find out what they've been up to...
2018-04-22 : Interview with Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
With their first album in 7 years due out imminently, Comrade Aleks went in search of the veteran Czech band to find out more. Founder Radek Hajda was kind enough to provide the details about their near-25-year history.
2018-04-22 : Interview with Mordor (Poland)
After a long hiatus and a secretive reformation in 2014, Poland's '90s veterans Mordor are ready to unveil their third full-length album. Comrade Aleks talked to original members Paweł M and Paweł Z about that and more...
2018-04-22 : Interview with Mournful Congregation
With a 25-year anniversary and their fifth full-length release this year, it seemed like a good time for Comrade Aleks to talk to Australian legends Mournful Congregation about the story so far.
2018-04-22 : Interview with Funeral
Having given their name to an entire Doom genre, Norway's Funeral have earned their place as an iconic and lasting band. Theirs has been far from the easiest of journeys, though, as Anders Eek discusses here with Comrade Aleks.
2018-04-21 : Interview with Dead Harrison
Quick introductory interview.
2018-04-14 : Interview with Ataraxie
This in-depth and detailed interview with Fred and Jo of both Ataraxie and Funeralium brings Comrade Aleks up to date with how both bands are getting on.
2018-04-14 : Interview with Funeralium
This in-depth and detailed interview with Fred and Jo of both Ataraxie and Funeralium brings Comrade Aleks up to date with how both bands are getting on.
2018-04-10 : Interview with Officium Triste
Veteran Dutch Death/Doom band Officium Triste have a new full-length album almost finished, and an appearance at Moscow Doom Festival scheduled imminently - things which encouraged Comrade Aleks to have a long chat with vocalist Pim.
2018-04-10 : Interview with Inverloch
Comrade Aleks spoke to inverloch co-founder Matt about a variety of in-depth topics, and of course that had to include his membership of legendary Death/Doom pioneers diSEMBOWELMENT and how inverloch continue that legacy...
2018-04-02 : Interview with Dionisyan
Following the release of the Dionisyan sophomore, 'Delirium And Madness', Mike spoke with founder Tregor Russo in some detail about his vision of intricate atmospheric baroque Doom.
2018-04-02 : Interview with Poema Arcanvs
Comrade Aleks caught up with Poema Arcanvs drummer Luis Moya to find out about the rumoured new album and the band's current plans.

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