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A stripped-down line-up for this latest full-length sees My Silent Wake putting modern polish to the classic Peaceville sound.
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One-man project of Stijn van Cauter from Until Death Overtakes Me. Extreme Funeral Doom not often heard! Ultra slow, beyond heavy, unforgiving bone-chill...
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Drowning Merged Tantras
    Too much inconsistency, and mismatch between music and vocals, make Loimann a flawed prospect.
 cdimgEgsegesis Logicae
    A surprisingly excellent debut full-length from relatively unknown Hungarian band Sentio Ergo Sum.

    The debut from Clouds delivers everything you should expect from a bona fide Doom supergroup.
    "Funeral Drone. Funeral Noise. Not Music.": Deveikuth in their own, accurate, words.

Coming Soon...
    More Gothic Metal than Doom, Czech veterans R.E.T. nonetheless offer a well-polished darkness.
 cdimgFiregod - Feeding The Beast
    Gorilla Monsoon's latest full-length arrives nearly 20 years too late to have any relevance.
cdimghe talked to me like I was real
    Worth your attention: the uncompromising experimentation of GOWLOn's debut EP.
 cdimgTaste My Sword Of Understanding
    Opium Warlords's latest part-continues the Reverend Bizarre legacy and part-navigates the peculiar, the shamanic and the avant-garde.
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2015-05-23 : New 'Featured debut' on-site award introduces a 'debut of the month' feature
2015-05-22 : Pallbearer news - Euro tour, plus first official video track
European tour May/June/July underway - and official video now streaming
2015-05-14 : New Nidra split album announced
'Epitaph Of Solitude', split with K.M., due 25 May
2015-05-14 : New Atriarch video and mini-tour
'Bereavement', from album 'An Unending Pathway', now streaming on YouTube
2015-05-14 : Black Capricorn album now available on pic vinyl and CD
'Cult Of Black Friars' now available from Stone Stallion Rex
2015-05-14 : Bevar Sea sophomore album announced
'Invoke The Bizarre' due later this year
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2015-05-20 : Interview with Matalobos
Quick introductory interview.
2015-05-20 : Interview with Akasava
Quick introductory interview.
2015-05-20 : Interview with Crimson Swan
Going from strength to strength with 'Unlit', the full-length follow-up to 2012's 'Icon' EP, are German band Crimson Swan. We wanted to know a bit more about them...
2015-05-18 : Interview with Shakhtyor
Quick introductory interview.
2015-05-14 : Interview with Murder Hollow
Quick introductory interview.
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2015-05-23 : Loimann (Stoner/Doom)
2015-05-23 : Clouds (Atmospheric Doom)
2015-05-20 : Matalobos (Death/Doom)
2015-05-20 : Akasava (Stoner/Doom)
2015-05-20 : R.E.T. (Gothic/Doom)
2015-05-18 : Shakhtyor (Sludge/Doom)
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