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Doomed's latest magnum opus is a faultless exemplar of modern Death/Doom.
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Heavy and pounding sludge doom with clear similarities to Eyehategod and Grief....
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Sunstone (EP)
    Showing marked improvement of new over original demo tracks, Sunstone's EP includes both.
 cdimgA Dracula
    Demon Lung's sophomore delivers a surprisingly substantial slab of Epic Occult Doom.

Feathered Hunter
    Genuinely interesting, but perhaps too eclectic for widespread appeal: Swan Messiah's latest.
 cdimgInvoked With Passion And Pain
    My Life's Despair put some history in their well-crafted Gothic Doom.

Monvmenta Antiqva
    More atmosphere than aggression, Mythological Cold Towers create a melancholy, nostalgic mood.
 cdimgA Land Of Myth & Magic
    Flawed but intriguing, Ambivalence finally reveal what might have been...
cdimgBuddha Knievel
    If you're a fan of any sort of Proto/Trad Doom, Leather Nun America should have something to please you.
    Creating and maintaining a magical atmosphere is what Filii Eliae's sophomore does best.
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2015-08-30 : New Izah album vinyl release imminent
'Sistere' to be released August 31st by Nordvis Produktion
2015-08-30 : New Cross Vault album announced
'The All-Consuming' to be released in November on Northern Silence
2015-08-30 : New Funeral Circle single out now
Available digitally, or as limited 7" vinyl
2015-08-30 : Weird Truth Productions new release information
Debut album of Japanese depressive black/doom trio Lifeblood
2015-08-29 : Second track previewed by Beneath The Storm
'Starting The Ritual' from imminent sophomore 'Devil's Village' now on YouTube
2015-08-29 : Melvins European tour announced for September/October
Dates commence September 13th in Bristol, UK
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2015-08-30 : Interview with Doomed
Doomed have been going from strength to strength in the four years since the band began, and with fourth release 'Wrath Monolith' currently occupying our Album of the Month slot, we thought it a great time to have a chat with project mastermind Pierre Laube.
2015-08-28 : Interview with Misty Morning
"It's easy to remember Italian band Misty Morning. Yes, the frame of their music is built of Doom and Stoner, but they also have Progressive and Psychedelic influences in their sound, they have a bunch of remarkable tunes and sheer killer songs..."
2015-08-23 : Interview with Serpents Eve
Quick introductory interview.
2015-08-17 : Interview with Funeral Art
Quick introductory interview.
2015-08-15 : Interview with Ashtar
Having rated Ashtar's debut 'Ilmasaari' (island of the skies) highly, we wanted to find out a little more about the Swiss-based duo and their musical visions.
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2015-08-24 : Sunstone (Stoner/Doom)
2015-08-23 : Serpents Eve (Traditional Doom)
2015-08-23 : Demon Lung (Traditional Doom)
2015-08-17 : Funeral Art (Atmospheric Doom)
2015-08-16 : Ambivalence (Death/Doom)
2015-08-15 : Livid (Traditional Doom)
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