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Absolutely bonkers, but also brilliant, Norway's Gribberiket experiment with infra-black Doom.
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Win Ixion's New Album


To celebrate the release of Ixion's new full length 'Enfant de la Nuit', label Finisterian Dead End are offering two prize copies of the CD.
If you'd like the chance to win one of these, check out the competition details on this Forum thread.

Exclusive T-Shirts Available


After some considerable time allowing the project to mature and develop in a suitably doomy fashion, we have finally come up with an official site T-shirt, with artwork by our very own baphomet.
These are now available for purchase, at a cost of £12 + p&p, in a range of sizes. Full details can be found on this Forum thread.

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Welcome to one of the oldest dedicated Doom sites on the internet: we hope you'll like it here.

We are an amateur site, run by volunteers and, as such, we are always looking for new contributors to join our ranks. If you have a little time and talent to spare, and would like to be a part of the worldwide community here, please get in touch. We always need reviewers, whether able to write frequently or irregularly: it all adds up and all helps to build on the legacy and proud heritage of what we do.

If you'd like to be part of the reviewing team, or be involved in other ways with the site, simply contact us at We'll be delighted to hear from you!

    A promising debut full-length from solo Belgian Death/Doom project Gateway.
 cdimgFallen (Re-release)
    Fallen's classic works of depressive Norwegian Doom get a long-overdue re-release.

The Great Escape
    You owe it to yourselves to explore A Sickness Unto Death's Gothic-tinged Epic sophomore.
 cdimgThe Hyle (Demo re-release)
    The Hyle's first offering could become a Stoner/Doom classic.

Enfant De La Nuit
    Ixion have spent the last four years crafting something meticulously detailed and beautifully executed.
 cdimgOrdeal (Live)
    Seven years on from their last release, Skepticism unveil their new work in front of an audience.
cdimgShingles + House Of Man (EP)
    A little gem for lovers of Sludge-infused Post-Metal: Beggar's latest EP.
 cdimgLive Weird Doom
    Somewhat anaemic sound quality makes this really one for the Wounded Giant faithful.
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2015-11-24 : Ixion competition
Win a copy of the new album 'Enfant de la Nuit'.
2015-11-24 : First The Slayerking lyric video released
'She is My Lazarus' now streaming on YouTube
2015-11-10 : Ceremonia debut album out now
'La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error' on CD through LCRecords
2015-11-06 : Eye Of Solitude release charity single 'Lugubrious Valedictory'
Kaotoxin Records/Eye Of Solitude to donate all proceeds to families of victims of the Bucharest Colectiv fire.
2015-11-05 : Horse Latitudes announce new album for 2016
The band has signed with Ritual Productions for the release of Primal Gnosis.
2015-11-05 : New SUNN O))) album available for preorder
'Kannon' to be released in December by Southern Lord
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2015-11-24 : Interview with Chalice Of Suffering
Quick introductory interview.
2015-11-24 : Interview with Epitaph
"Italian Traditional Doom metal band Epitaph is originally from the late '80s, but with just one full-length album released in 2014...Where have Epitaph been all this time?"
2015-11-23 : Interview with A Sickness Unto Death
"Today you have a chance to explore how Kierkegaard's concept of despair, which he equates with the Christian concept of sin, is elaborated by German-based Doom metal outfit A Sickness Unto Death..."
2015-11-10 : Interview with Year Of The Cobra
Quick introductory interview.
2015-11-10 : Interview with Ceremonia
Quick introductory interview.
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2015-11-24 : Chalice Of Suffering (Funeral Doom)
2015-11-24 : Gateway (Death/Doom)
2015-11-24 : Epitaph (Traditional Doom)
2015-11-23 : A Sickness Unto Death (Epic Doom)
2015-11-23 : Khemmis (Traditional Doom)
2015-11-10 : Innerborée (Funeral Doom)
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