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Both perfect and perfectly bleak, Hangman's Chair unflinchingly face up to the dark side of human existence.
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A long-lived veteran Maryland, USA, band of the old school, that was active between 1987 and 2013, then briefly reformed to play Maryland Doom Fest in 2016. Pro...
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Edda (EP)
    A short, but very sweet, EP from Sardinian Death/Doom band Ilienses Tree that channels its raw energetic approach pretty much to perfection.
    Swiss Post-Metal band Krane deliver a thoughtful and in some ways authoritative sophomore full-length.

Liminals Of Profound Loss
    Mournspire's powerful debut will take you to a place of infinite sorrow and unfathomable anguish.
 cdimgRise Of The Molecule
    A cerebral yet punishingly sludgy trip into altered consciousness: the debut from Canada's Aiauasca.

    Instrumental band Nocturnal Lust officially bow out with their final and best release.
    Leeds-based Hundred Year Old Man deliver a storming full-length Post-Metal debut.
cdimgThe Wolf Bites Back
    The UK's Orange Goblin further cement their status as elder statesmen of all things heavy.
 cdimgRotten Copper
    Different and interesting, Rotten Copper venture into dystopian old-school Psych/Stoner territories.
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2018-07-22 : Aesthetic Death August release schedule
Woebegone Obscured, Esoteric, Nagaarum and Pando albums announced.
2018-06-23 : ESTRANGEMENT debut album news... be recorded this year and released in collaboration with Aesthetic Death
2018-06-21 : Mistress Of The Dead box set preorders now available
All fifteen albums (including four exclusives) will be released by GSP as an exclusive coffin box set: preorder by 25 July to get your own copy signed!
2018-04-29 : New Godes Yrre lyric video (Updated 29/04)
First previews of the forthcoming 'Ghost Warriors' album.
2018-04-19 : For all your guitar strap and leather accessories, let us introduce Heavy Leather NYC
As endorsed by Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and many others...
2018-04-10 : New Soliloquium album announced - first track now streaming
'Contemplations' due June 1st on Transcending Records
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2018-07-18 : Interview with Golgotha
Early '90s Spanish eclectic, atmospheric Doom band Golgotha have largely been silent since splitting up after their 1998 second album, despite ostensibly reforming in 2005. So, following 2018 EP 'Arise', Comrade Aleks investigated further...
2018-07-18 : Interview with Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf
These days, veteran Speed/Thrash musician Tommy Stewart (originally of '80s pioneers Hallows Eve) seems more intent on exploring the boundaries of Doom, with his Bludy Gyres and Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf projects - and here he explains their similarities, differences and much more besides to Comrade Aleks.
2018-07-15 : Interview with Marche Funèbre
As 2018 is their ten-year anniversary, and Belgian Death/Doom band Marche Funèbre are celebrating it with a number of different events, we thought it'd be nice to make a proper interview of it rather than just publish a list of news...
2018-07-14 : Interview with Mistress Of The Dead
Czech solo project Mistress Of The Dead is not one of those of those bands which seeks publicity. You'll find very little about them anywhere on the internet or on albums you may own. Which is why, in the year that GSP re-release their entire back catalogue, we are extremely grateful to band founder Vlad C. for giving us this exclusive look into the band's history and motives.
2018-07-09 : Interview with Peaceville Records (Label)
Comrade Aleks talks with Peaceville founder Paul "Hammy" Halshaw about his twenty years running the label, and his autobiographical 2016 'Peaceville Life' book (now just about to be republished in expanded form) describing it...
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2018-07-18 : Ilienses Tree (Death/Doom)
2018-07-15 : Krane (Post-Metal/Post-Core)
2018-07-09 : AraPacis (Traditional Doom)
2018-07-09 : Peaceville Records (Label) (Undefinable)
2018-07-09 : Endless Winter (Label) (Undefinable)
2018-07-09 : Dean Swinford (Author) (Undefinable)
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