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The inclusion of additional veteran musicians on Ennui's third album lifts it to a new level.
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Claustrophobic, uncomfortable funeral doom with a razor sharp guitar tone, sparse drumming, and unsettling vocals. Monstrous growls trade off with haunting mona...
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Site Latest (2016-02-15)
Exclusive streaming of Swampcult's forthcoming 'The Festival' now on site

In cooperation with Transcending Obscurity Records, we are proud to present a complete preview streaming of Swampcult's forthcoming album 'The Festival', due for official release on October 2nd.
Preorders for digital downloads, CD version with 10 story cards included, and limited edition T-shirts are now open.


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Just a reminder that we still have some of each size of the official site T-shirts available, with artwork by our very own baphomet.
If you want one, they're on sale at a cost of £12 + p&p. Full details can be found on this Forum thread.

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    This sophomore proves it’s not enough to say that Khemmis is a great band; they’re a group of true artists.
    Forming The Void show that they have the raw ingredients to stand out from the Stoner crowd.

Head First Into Shadows
    Musically and vocally, (EchO)'s sophomore full-length is accomplished, varied and interesting.
    Short but very sweet, Hyponic deftly bring their outer-edge Death/Doom to life.

Dark Substance Of Dharma
    Another good album from a reliably good band, as Raventale stick to their familiar formula.
 cdimgCold Redrafted
    Spanning many genres and styles, Negative Voice's sophomore is a great exercise in creativity.
    If you like your Funeral Doom truly dark and evil, Aarsland deliver that in spades.
 cdimgSeven Heads Ten Horns
    A mature and accessible offering from The Foreshadowing, but one that doesn't take them anywhere new.
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2016-09-21 : Even Vast - first gig with new line-up
Show in Manchester, UK, 23rd September.
2016-09-20 : New album from Khemmis on preorder now
'Hunted' due October 21 on 20 Buck Spin Records
2016-09-19 : Exclusive streaming of Swampcult's forthcoming 'The Festival' here
Full preview stream provided by Transcending Obscurity Records.
2016-09-18 : New Doomed album available for preorder now
"Anna" to be released 26/09 by Solitude Productions.
2016-09-08 : New Wolf Counsel album on preorder
'Ironclad' now available for preorders, preview track streaming.
2016-09-07 : Dionisyan announce forthcoming second album
Video teaser now available.
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2016-09-20 : Interview with Magma Rise
"Magma Rise could be a new name to some of our readers, but two of its founders were members of the now-inactive first Hungarian Doom metal band, Mood, from 1993 onwards. So, be sure that these men know how to play slow and heavy..."
2016-09-18 : Interview with Lord Vicar
Lord Vicar releases don't come along that often, and when the invitation for an interview accompanied the promo for 'Gates Of Flesh' that he reviewed, Nick jumped at the chance to have a chat with Kimi.
2016-09-18 : Interview with Swampcult
"I've seen Lovecraft's legacy mangled far more frequently than it's been continued, so when Swampcult came up with a real quality musical interpretation straight from the Mythos, I wanted to find out more about the source of their many-angled visions..."
2016-09-18 : Interview with Dawn Of Winter
So, maybe you're wondering why you haven't heard anything about this band, if they've been on the scene for 25 years? The answer is simple...there are only two full-length albums in their discography. I heard they were recording new songs, and the idea to do this interview was spontaneous."
2016-09-08 : Interview with Wolf Counsel
"The release of sophomore album 'Ironclad' seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the project and ask some in-depth questions."
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2016-09-19 : Magma Rise (Traditional Doom)
2016-09-14 : Aarsland (Funeral Doom)
2016-09-14 : Negative Voice (Death/Doom)
2016-09-05 : Self-Hatred (Death/Doom)
2016-09-05 : Swampcult (Traditional Doom)
2016-08-31 : Litanije Čaranja (Funeral Doom)
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