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Accomplished and captivating melodic Death/Doom is the hallmark of Vanha's sophomore full-length.
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Since their founding in 2003, Austin, Texas's The Sword have moved somewhat away from their initial heavily Sabbath/Sleep-influenced S...
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Mountain Of The Dead
    Finland's Deep XI deliver a lean, sinewy debut full-length album with no flab, and plenty of malevolent Trad Doom muscle.
 cdimgDead Words Speak (Re-issue)
    Doom:VS' commanding sophomore full-length gets a much deserved re-release: enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of its superb execution.

As We Slowly Fade
    HellLight end up just on the wrong side of the fine line between variety versus consistency with this latest album release.
 cdimgThe Door To Doom
    Candlemass come full circle with their original vocalist, and reaffirm their crucial, astonishing legacy of Doom in doing so.

I (Demo re-release)
    The re-release of Nemorensis' demo shows more of their Black/Ambient roots than their later Black/Doom approach.
 cdimgSarx Thanatos (EP Re-release)
    The re-release of Brazilians Sarx Thanatos' only EP demonstrates that they really had some potential to offer.
    Simple but huge: Belarusian solo project Longa Morte offer an atmospheric and individual Funeral Doom journey with this latest full-length.
 cdimgShopot Zabytykh Kholmov
    An interesting experiment, but in the end a little too disjointed: Руины Вечности's debut venture.
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2018-12-05 : New HellLight album available now
'As We Slowly Fade' released through Solitude Productions
2018-12-03 : New Norilsk music video premiere
Now released: 'Weepers of the Land', title track taken from Norilsk's latest EP
2018-12-03 : New album from A Sickness Unto Death
'Beyond' released on November 25th
2018-08-29 : Somnent's 'Sojourn' reissued
GS Productions offer a new jewelcase edition with bonus track
2018-08-13 : Evoken re-release announced by I Hate
'A Caress Of The Void' due in September
2018-07-22 : Aesthetic Death August release schedule
Woebegone Obscured, Esoteric, Nagaarum and Pando albums announced.
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2019-02-25 : Interview with Famyne
Eclectic Trad/Epic band Famyne give us some depth and detail on their recently-released debut album and how the band arrived at it.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Flesh Temple
Quick introductory interview.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Wartime
Comrade Aleks goes in search of Colombian Doom, and finds it in the shape of Wartime. Founder Alejandro fills in the band's history and motives.
2019-02-25 : Interview with The River
With a new album on the way, and a replacement female vocalist for their signature sound, Comrade Aleks talks to founder Christian about Croydon's The River.
2019-02-25 : Interview with Quercus
As Quercus' new album 'Verferum' arrives, Comrade Aleks talks to the Czech band about their last few releases, and how their unique sound has evolved of late.
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2019-03-10 : Ruini Vechnosti (Death/Doom)
2019-03-10 : Sarx Thanatos (Gothic/Doom)
2019-03-10 : Longa Morte (Funeral Doom)
2019-02-27 : Bast (Post-Metal/Post-Core)
2019-02-27 : DEADIdea Productions (Multimedia Company) (Undefinable)
2019-02-24 : Flesh Temple (Death/Doom)
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