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My Silent Wake show exactly why they remain one of the most consistently creative and relevant of the UK's extreme doom acts with this latest full-length.
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The music is influenced by, but not limited to, My Dying Bride and Opeth. Many of the members went on to form Another Messiah....
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Gospel Of Despair
    Monolith Cult deliver a brand of old school sounding epic doom that just barely fails to deliver into the excellent category.
    This steadfast and concerted debut effort from Colossus Morose is a nostalgic, but not dated, old-school Death/Doom work.

Baleful Astral Elements
    Perhaps a little fatigued with 7 albums over just 4 years, this latest from Argentinian band Funeris scores higher on Ambient, rather than Funeral, content.
 cdimgGuardian Demons
    Good in some respects, weaker in others, the King Heavy sophomore makes for a reasonable Trad Doom outing.

The Pernicious Enigma (Remix)
    Perhaps the deepest, darkest and most enveloping of all of Esoteric's sonic terrorist explorations, now available in lovely CD digibook format as well as on vinyl.
 cdimgWitch Mountain
    Portland's Witch Mountain return with a bewitching and explosive new album, brief but nonetheless gorgeous.
    Sweden's Throneless produce an all-enveloping Sludge/Stoner sophomore well worth investigating.
    Not a total disaster, but by no means an essential Gothic/Doom venture, Grlscz's sophomore blows hot and cold throughout.
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2018-08-29 : Somnent's 'Sojourn' reissued
GS Productions offer a new jewelcase edition with bonus track
2018-08-13 : Evoken re-release announced by I Hate
'A Caress Of The Void' due in September
2018-07-22 : Aesthetic Death August release schedule
Woebegone Obscured, Esoteric, Nagaarum and Pando albums announced.
2018-06-23 : ESTRANGEMENT debut album news... be recorded this year and released in collaboration with Aesthetic Death
2018-06-21 : Mistress Of The Dead box set preorders now available
All fifteen albums (including four exclusives) will be released by GSP as an exclusive coffin box set: preorder by 25 July to get your own copy signed!
2018-04-29 : New Godes Yrre lyric video (Updated 29/04)
First previews of the forthcoming 'Ghost Warriors' album.
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2018-09-20 : Interview with Pantheist
This huge, in-depth guest interview with Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, et al, and former mainstay!) is republished here by request, and with kind permission, from LAMUERTETENÍAUNBLOG.
2018-09-17 : Interview with Dark Matter
Quick introductory interview.
2018-09-17 : Interview with Cianide
Shifting from Doom to Death and back over the course of their long career, '80s Chicago veterans Cianide have been quiet for a while. Comrade Aleks talks to co-founder Mike Perun about the band's history, and future plans.
2018-08-29 : Interview with The Knell
With a long and somewhat turbulent history behind them, Israeli Death/Doom band The Knell have been dormant since relocating to Chile. Comrade Aleks investigates their status, with the invaluable assistance of founder Alec Zalogin.
2018-08-29 : Interview with Sons Of Alpha Centauri
Quick introductory interview.
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2018-09-17 : Dark Matter (Progressive Doom)
2018-09-17 : Colossus Morose (Death/Doom)
2018-09-10 : Throneless (Sludge/Doom)
2018-09-10 : Fretting Obscurity (Death/Doom)
2018-08-29 : Sons Of Alpha Centauri (Stoner)
2018-08-27 : Heretic, helvetic (Death/Doom)
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