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Sloth (US)

USA - Active.



This Ohio sludge outfit plays a very diverse array of genres. This includes noisecore, sludge/doom, hardcore, thrashcore, punkcore and weird mixtures of other stuff. This usually results in very humorous and strange compositions. As these guys care nothing for genres and play whatever they want, it often happends that their releases only contain a few doom tracks or none at all. But when they do doom, their music would please those who like Crowbar, Eyehategod and Cruevo. Another thing that increases the variation in the music is the unstable line-up where it seems like people participate on those releases they feel like. Unlike most other similar bands they use a lot of humor in their songs. Like many of their underground sludge fellows they seem to prefer releasing splits instead of full length albums. And then especially split 7".


Exploder1992Hibachi7 inch
Always Happy To Disappoint1994NoneDemo Tape
Sloth/Angry Hate Split1994NoneSplit 7 inch
We Put The Massage In Misogony1994None7 inch
Angry Hate/Sloth Split1995NoneSplit 12 inch
Sloth/Dingus Split1995NoneSplit 7 inch
Floor/Sloth Split1995NoneSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Ofhisownhand Split1996NoneSplit 7 inch
As It Was, So It Will Be Forever1996NoneDemo Tape
E.Pluribus Interuptus1996NoneDemo Tape
Obliteration Of Good Taste And Common Sense1996Unknown7 inch
Joy Is Gone From our Hearts1996None7 inch
Boulder/Sloth Split1996Dom\'s RecordsSplit 7 inch
K.N.S.K./Sloth Split1996ShiftySplit 7 inch
Getting Ready For Christmas (It's About Malt Liquor)1996None2x7 inch
Sloth/Noothgrush Split1997DoomRe-release
Behold The Power Of..............Sloth/NOYFB....Presenting 10 Hymns For All To Obey1997Agitate 96Split 7 inch
Hangnail/Sloth Split1997HibachiSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Noothgrush Split1997Dom\'s RecordsSplit 7 inch
Cattlepress/Sloth Split1997NoneSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Raging Retards Split1997TraumatogenicSplit CD
Hail The Basement1997UnknownMcd
Sloth/Beauty Pageant Split1997NoneSplit 7 inch
Heart Full Of Worms1997None7 inch
Hangnail/Pandemonium Diabolico Split1998HibachiSplit 7 inch
Schnauzer/Sloth Split1998NoneSplit 10 inch
Poverty Level Gutter Swill1998NoneDemo Tape
Gob/Sloth Split199?NoneSplit 7 inch
It's Not Our Worst, AKA Progression?2000PainiacCompilation
Corrupted (+ Solmania)/Sloth Split2000NoneSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Split2000Thrash BotSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Rotting Souls Split2000NoneSplit 7 inch
Cauliflower Ass and Bob/Sloth Split2000NoneSplit 7 inch
Division 1 State Champs2001Painiac12 inch
Fistula/Sloth Split2002ShiftySplit 7 inch
Sloth/Upsidedown Cross Split2002NoneSplit 7 inch
Audio Evidence of Contempt For Existence2002NoneDemo Tape
4 Way Split 12 Inch LP2002PainiacSplit 12 inch
When It Happends You'll Know2003Shifty/Painiac12 inch
Sloth/Belabor Split2003NoneSplit 7 inch
Sloth/The Future Cobras Split2003NoneSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Carpenter Ant2003NoneSplit 7 inch
Rwake/Sloth Split2004ShiftySplit 7 inch
Sloth/dot[.]+Timisoara Split2004ShiftySplit 7 inch
Sloth/Fleshpress Split2004Shifty/Kult Of NihilowSplit 7 inch
Not Our Worst, AKA Progression?2004ShiftyRe-release
Trick Or Treat Time With Octi2004NoneCDr
CSMD/Sloth Split2004NO! Fucking Labels/ShiftySplit 7 inch
''Intermission'' AKA ''The 7'' You Don't Have To Flipsy-Doodle''2004NoneCDr
10th Anniversary 7''ep2004None7 inch
Ultra Shit Inferno/Sloth Split2005Do It RubbishlySplit 7 inch
Graphic Training Aid2005None7 inch
Sloth's Lack Of Sleep Volume 2 (No Pun Intended)2005NoneCDr
Shitstorm/Sloth Split2005SomberlainSplit 7 inch
8215 Or A Bucket Of Clothes2005NoneCDr
Toil And Fritter2005NoneCDr
Day To Day2005NoneCDr
Squirrel Apartment2006NoneCDr
Canoe of Pals2007None7 inch
Sloth of Bears2007Limited Appeal7 inch
Nunslaughter/Sloth Split2007Wicked WitchSplit 7 inch
A Whole Other World of Fun AKA 13 Songs 13 Samples2007At War With False NoiseCD
It May Wear Your Skin2007None7 inch
The Wollybear Looked At Me!2007None7 inch
Sloth/Tile Split2007NoneSplit 7 inch
Minch/Sloth Split2008Agromosh/MCALSplit 7 inch
I Love You2008None7 inch
Sloth/Seppuku Split2008At War With False NoiseSplit 7 inch
Sweet Deal Vince Neil2008Limited Appeal7 inch
Sloth/S.M.G. Split 72008Shifty/My Cheap Ass LifeSplit 7 inch
Sloth/Mammoth Split2008ShiftySplit 7 inch
Candy Bar Caper2008Limited Appeal7 inch
Nature's Children2008SludgesicleTape
The Noiseville LP2009Noiseville12 inch
The RCP Tapes Sessions2009R.C.P. TapesSplit Tape
Messages in Samsara2009None12 inch
Sloth/Servants of Satan Split2009ShiftySplit 12 inch
Smegma Latency Research Group/Sloth Split2009Menace To SobrietySplit CD
Netjajev SS/Sloth Split2009Rescued From lifeSplit 12 inch
Sloth/Weluvpot Split2009Shifty/Sludgesicle/At War with False Noise/CubicleSplit 7 inch
La Policia2009SludgesicleTape
Dawn of the Rim Financers2009NoneTape



c/o D. Kaveliski
P.O. Box 1251
Mentor, OH 44061


Angry Hate/Sloth Split (1995)
Sloth/Dingus Split (1995)
Floor/Sloth Split (1995)
Sloth/Ofhisownhand Split (1996)
As It Was, So It Will Be Forever (1996)
E.Pluribus Interuptus (1996)
Joy Is Gone From our Hearts (1996)
Behold The Power Of..............Sloth/NOYFB....Presenting 10 Hymns For All To Obey (1997)
Sloth/Noothgrush Split (1997)
Cattlepress/Sloth Split (1997)
Schnauzer/Sloth Split (1998)
Poverty Level Gutter Swill (1998)
It's Not Our Worst, AKA Progression? (2000)
Corrupted (+ Solmania)/Sloth Split (2000)
Sloth/Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Split (2000)
Division 1 State Champs (2001)
Fistula/Sloth Split (2002)
Sloth/Upsidedown Cross Split (2002)
Audio Evidence of Contempt For Existence (2002)
4 Way Split 12 Inch LP (2002)
Sloth/dot[.]+Timisoara Split (2004)
Trick Or Treat Time With Octi (2004)
CSMD/Sloth Split (2004)
''Intermission'' AKA ''The 7'' You Don't Have To Flipsy-Doodle'' (2004)
10th Anniversary 7''ep (2004)
Ultra Shit Inferno/Sloth Split (2005)
Sloth's Lack Of Sleep Volume 2 (No Pun Intended) (2005)
Shitstorm/Sloth Split (2005)
Toil And Fritter (2005)
Day To Day (2005)
Squirrel Apartment (2006)
Nunslaughter/Sloth Split (2007)
It May Wear Your Skin (2007)
Sloth/Mammoth Split (2008)
Candy Bar Caper (2008)
Messages in Samsara (2009)
Sloth/Servants of Satan Split (2009)
Smegma Latency Research Group/Sloth Split (2009)
Netjajev SS/Sloth Split (2009)
Sloth/Weluvpot Split (2009)


The 7" called 'Exploder' was released when the band went under the moniker Exploder. The band decided to go under the moniker Pandemonium Diabolico on the 'Hangnail/Pandemonium Diabolico Split' because they didn't want there to be two separate 7" splits called 'Hangnail/Sloth Split'.

Note that there is another band called Sloth that also plays sludge/doom. There is also an american punk band and a hardcore band with the same name.

There was a tape called 'Enuma Elish' (1998) which was released by Jeff of Abdullah fame (who also used to be a part of Sloth once). Yet for unknown reasons the tape was released as a Sloth release without the knowledge of the rest of the band. This is not an official release.

The split 7" with Angry Hate has different songs than the split 12" with the same band. The 'Obliterations Of Good Taste And Common Sense' 7" is known by some as 'KINK'. The '4 Way Split 12 Inch LP' is a split between D O M, Sloth, Thee Plague Of Gentlemen and Wuzor. 'The RCP Tapes Sessions' is a split with Rauh.

Note that the band jumps in and out of different genres and then back to doom metal again. Often not just within the same release, but within the same track. Those releases that we've had the chance to listen to will be listed in categories here. The categories are not accurate and often the releases still contain doom metal elements.

Doom Metal (mostly or entirely):
'Audio Evidence of Contempt for Existence'
'Corrupted(+Solmania)/Sloth Split'
'Division 1 State Champs'
'Floor/Sloth Split'
'Hangnail/Pandemonium Diabolico Split' 'Hangnail/Sloth Split'
'Heart Full Of Worms'
'It's Not Our Worst A.K.A. Progression?'
'Joy Is Gone From Our Hearts'
'Obliteration Of Good Tase And Common Sense'
'Sloth/Beauty Pageant Split'
'Sloth/Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx Split'
'Sloth/dot[.]+Timisoara Split'
'Sloth/Fleshpress Split'
'Sloth/Noothgrush Split'
'Sloth/Rotting Souls Split'
'We Put the Massage in Misogyny'

'As It Was, So It Will Be Forever'
'E. Pluribus Interuptus'
'It May Wear Your Skin'
'Poverty Level Gutter Swill'

'10th Anniversary 7"'
'8215 Or A Bucket Of Clothes'
'CSMD/Sloth Split'
'Graphic Training Aid'
'Nature's Children'
'Shitstorm/Sloth Split'
'Sloth/Angry Hate Split'
'Sloth/Belabor Split'
'Sloth/K.N.S.K. Split'
'Sloth/Rwake Split'
'Sloth's Lack Of Sleep Volume 2 (No Pun Intended)'
'Toil & Fritter'
'Ultra Shit Inferno/Sloth Split'

'Angry Hate/Sloth Split'
'Cattlepress/Sloth Split'
'Sloth/Ofhisownhand Split'

'Getting Ready For Christmas (It's About Malt Liquor)'
'Gob/Sloth Split'
'Sloth/Angry Hate Split'
'Sloth/Raging Retards Split'
'Sloth/Schnauzer Split'
'Sloth/Servants of Satan Split' 'Sloth/Upsidedown Cross Split'

No God Only Pain
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