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Started as one of the most perfect and balanced Heavy Doom Metal project, Sinister Realm slowly evolved towards a mix where melodies, structures and over...
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Against Nature

USA - Active.


Traditional Doom

They combine the crushing heaviness of Black Sabbath and Trouble with the experimental nature of Rush and Voivod, mixed with other various personal influences, to create their own unique metal sound. The band went under the name Revelation from it's humble beginning in 1986, but changed it's name to it's current form in 2004.


Face Reality1987NoneDemo
Terminal Destiny1987NoneDemo
Images of Darkness1987NoneDemo
Illusion of Progress1989NoneDemo
The Unbearable Vision1991NoneDemo
Salvations Answer1991Rise above recordsCD
Never Comes Silence1993HellhoundCD
Mourning Son1994NoneDemo
...Yet So Far1995HellhoundCD
Frozen Masque1996NoneDemo
Fourteen Inches Of Fury1998Game TwoSplit
Frozen Masque2003Miskatonic FoundationCompilation
Appease2005Bland HandCD
Panoply2005Bland Handmp3 only
Redux: An Open Project2006Bland Handmp3 only
Pluperfect2006The Church Within7 inch
Leer2006Bland HandCD
Ghosting2006Bland HandCD
Safe Dissonance2006Bland HandCD
Ghosting2007Bland Handmp3 only
Unfolded2007Bland Handmp3 only
The Anxiety of Influence2007Bland HandCD
Descend2008Bland HandCD
Much in Little2008Bland HandCD



905 S. Clinton St.
Baltimore, MD 21224


Appease (2005)
Appease (2005)
Panoply (2005)
Safe Dissonance (2006)


Note that there is also a gothic/doom band with the name Revelation from Belarus. After disbanding Dennis Cornelius started the band Oversoul, which has now disbanded again and Revelation reformed. However since the band wasn't officially disbanded at that point, they decided to take a new name, Against Nature, which comes from one of the Revelation tracks.

'Frozen Masque' also contains the 1994 demo 'Mourning Son'. The split 'Fourteen Inches Of Fury' is a split between Twisted Tower Dire, Revelation, Mood and Naevus. The mp3 only release of 'Ghosting' is counted as a re-release since the tracks were remixed.

Most, if not all, releases from both their Revelation period and under their new moniker, have been released as free downloads by the band. You can find them on their own record label: Bland Hand Records.

The band has a project called 'Redux: And Open Project'. It was released in 2006, but seems to be subject to update as time passes. It's the result of the bands wish to redo some of the old tracks. Additionally they open up for adding cover tracks by other bands as long as the cover is of an old Revelation song.

Aesthetic Death
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