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A stripped-down line-up for this latest full-length sees My Silent Wake putting modern polish to the classic Peaceville sound.
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Mixture of bleak doom/death style funeral doom and long ambient sections. Despite being more loud than most bands of this style, they still focus on utter dispa...
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1995 (Demo)
    Saints of Pain was a sideproject by two members from Sloth. Just a couple of demo tapes were released under that moniker.
    Rue proves that, just as Black Sabbath influenced both Doom and NWoBHM, Eyehategod also left a heritage for more up-paced bands.

Remembrance In Tragedy (Compilation)
    An essential retrospective on the original Gothic Doom band: Thorns Of The Carrion.
    Boar's latest album is like the enthusiastic carnal meeting of Electric Wizard and Kyuss.
cdimgThe Mystery Of Faith
    Progressive Death/Doom at heart, Dionisyan's use of classical elements adds personality to this debut.
 cdimgReclaimed By The Forest
    A thunderous and yet satisfyingly cathartic debut from Canadians Algoma.
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2015-05-02 : Debut album from Swiss duo Ashtar due
'Ilmasaari' to be released via Czar Of Bullets on June 8th 2015
2015-05-02 : New Demon Lung album due in June
'A Dracula' to be released through Candlelight Records
2015-05-01 : New Gévaudan single out now
'The Burning of the Black Sun' available for download at Bandcamp
2015-05-01 : Shepherd sign with Helmet Lady Records
Indian Sludge/Doom band's second demo and debut album to be released on vinyl this summer
2015-04-23 : Ancient Lament debut release
'Messages From The Crystals' released by Frozen Light
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2015-05-01 : Interview with In Oblivion
Quick introductory interview.
2015-04-30 : Interview with Natem
Quick introductory interview.
2015-04-25 : Interview with Ancient Lament
Quick introductory interview.
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2015-05-04 : Church (Sludge/Doom)
2015-05-03 : Revive The Forgotten (Death/Doom)
2015-05-03 : Catacombed (Death/Doom)
2015-05-03 : Saints Of Pain (Sludge/Doom)
2015-05-02 : Spare (Funeral Doom)
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