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Old Night's sophomore album succeeds in delivering a layered and emotive experience that may only reveal itself to you after multiple listens.
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Traditional Doom band with classic Heavy Metal influences....
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Death's Threshold
    The second full-length by Shades Of Deep Water sees the band reach new highs, and results in pure excellence.
 cdimgShades Of Deep Water's Universe (Compilation)
    This 2015 compilation of two short EPs sees Shades Of Deep Water crafting the best melodies of their career.

    A riff roller-coaster of an album from 2013, Shades Of Deep Water's 'Waterways' is fun Doom, if ever there has been such a thing.
 cdimgUnderworld (Demo)
    The 2009 third demo tape from Shades Of Deep Water shows a surprisingly upbeat side of the band, moving the focus away from the primitive misery of the past.

Closure (Demo)
    Shades Of Deep Water’s 2008/9 sophomore demo release builds upon the wretchedness of the debut, while adding a more personal sound.
 cdimgThe Memory Of Death (Demo single)
    Ignore the score: Intaglio's demo single return after a 15-year hiatus is worth investigation, pending an album release due in 2020.
cdimgFrom Presence To Silence
    Loneshore's debut is a wonderfully crafted Progressive Metal album that is a bit short on the DOOM but full of introspection and energy.
    Ivan deliver two sprawling string-heavy tunes that fail to stand out during their epic runtime.
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2019-11-26 : Exclusive preview of the new Dead Woman's Ditch album
'Hræfn' by Dead Woman's Ditch on preorder now from Third I Rex
2019-10-17 : 'Doom Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute to Cathedral'
Check out our exclusive extended features for this release below.
2019-06-20 : New Advent Varic track released
Second long track from the Boston, MA blackened Stoner/Doom outfit now on YouTube
2019-06-07 : Exclusive video premiere from Polynove Pole
The Ukrainian Gothic Doom/Metal band present a new video track exclusively on doom-metal.com
2019-04-29 : New anthology of doom interviews by Cathal Rodgers
The 400-page volume "Existentiell" is available now
2018-12-05 : New HellLight album available now
'As We Slowly Fade' released through Solitude Productions
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2020-01-22 : Interview with Nauthik
With German band Nauthik's debut full-length due for imminent release, Comrade Aleks talks to them about their five-year history and everything that has gone into the making of this album.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Womb (Spain)
Spanish Death/Doom band Womb have always remained quite anonymous, and little news of any kind has emerged in the two years since release of their sophomore album. Comrade Aleks seeks to rectify that here...
2020-01-06 : Interview with Illimitable Dolor
Following a productive year for the band, Comrade Aleks catches up with founder Stu Prickett to find out what's forthcoming for both Illimitable Dolor and The Slow Death.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Selenite
The debut release from Austrian solo project Selenite took Comrade Aleks somewhat by surprise with its unexpectedly richly spiritual approach to Funeral Doom - leading him to this deeper conversation with band founder Stefan Traunmüller.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Onirophagus
Old-school Barcelona-based Death/Doom act Onirophagus had their sophomore full-length released last year, which set Comrade Aleks on the trail of this conversation with band founder Paingrinder.
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2020-01-22 : Nauthik (Sludge/Doom)
2020-01-06 : Onirophagus (Death/Doom)
2020-01-06 : Selenite (Funeral Doom)
2019-12-16 : Gothic Stone (Epic Doom)
2019-12-16 : Andvaka (Funeral Doom)
2019-12-09 : Black Lotus (Traditional Doom)
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