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At last, Belgium's Monads back up their impressive demo with an improved-in-every-way debut.
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A mixture between doom and rock'n roll, and at times even has some hints towards drone. Given that Goatsnake was founded by the rhythm section of
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Site Latest (2017-12-26)
Esoteric's 'Esoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance' demo re-release

Doom-metal.com is very pleased to announce this exclusive news in cooperation with Aesthetic Death Records. Please check the full news article for more details and a competition to win this, plus Monads' new 'IVIIV'.

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Raíz Amarga
    While there is no question that Moribundo have some serious chops, their lack of vision prevents them from delivering something truly great.
 cdimgRegressus Ad Infinitum (Compilation)
    Obscure mid-'90s Russian band R.A.I. get a deserved unearthing with this compilation of their complete works.

Resignation (EP)
    As Autumn Calls don't reinvent any wheels, but they do produce quality atmospheric Death/Doom.
 cdimgOde to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide
    Deinonychus return revitalised - unfortunately, with an initial offering that is far more Black Metal than Doom.

Black Earth
    Powerful but somewhat unstructured, Process Of Guilt don't quite blend their hybrid elements coherently.
 cdimgEsoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance (Remaster)
    Fans of Esoteric have been asking for this for the best part of 25 years: the official demo re-release.
cdimgNightfall (30th Anniversary)
    A full-fat, triple-disc version of Candlemass's stone classic sophomore release.
 cdimgThe Hour Be None
    Hooded Priest don't reinvent the wheel, but they do present utterly convincing classic Trad Doom.
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2017-12-26 : Esoteric announce remastered demo reissue - win one here.
'Esoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance' available now from Aesthetic Death Records.
2017-12-20 : New Zaraza video streaming
'Roadkill to You' from 2017's 'Spasms Of Rebirth' now on YouTube.
2017-12-18 : Exclusive stream of Monads debut album 'IVIIV'
Due for release December 20th on Aesthetic Death Records
2017-12-10 : Doom:VS T-shirts on preorder
'The Dead Swan of the Woods' design shipping around 5 January 2018
2017-11-13 : Skandal on tour in the UK
The London-based Doom 'n' roll band announce the 4th leg of their "Tour of the Cicada"
2017-11-13 : New Luna album out now
'Swallow Me Leaden Sky' released by Solitude Productions
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Comrade Aleks talks to band founder Sylvain Bégot about Monolithe's history, plans, and the forthcoming new album 'Nebula Septem'...
2017-12-26 : Interview with Esoteric
The unexpected news that Esoteric have finally decided to re-release the long-unavailable 1993 demo meant that we felt we should have an in-depth chat with Greg about its significance to the band...
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